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World Pulses Day 2021: Theme, Significance and What to Do on This Day

Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh
World Pulses Day 2021

World Pulses Day 2021 is on February 10. This year’s theme is: “Nutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future.” 

Pulses are highly nutritious elements of the human diet. However, not everybody eats pulses. Many are ignorant of the health benefits of pulses. Looking at this scenario, the United Nations decided in 2018 to dedicate a day to spreading awareness about the benefits, value, and worth of pulses.  

So, with the collaboration of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the UN designated February 10th of every year to be celebrated as International Day of Pulses.  

On February 10, 2019, the world celebrated the first World Pulses Day.  

The day holds greater significance to India because the recent reports suggest that pulse consumption in India is decreasing 

About the theme of World Pulses Day  

The theme, “Nutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future,” was long decided in 2016 when the year was nominated to be celebrated as International Year of Pulses. Since then, the theme has stayed the same from 2019 to 2021.  

World Pulses Day falls under the 2nd goal of the UN – “Zero Hunger.”  

The day aims to spread the benefits of not only eating pulses, but also growing pulses. When this happens, we can rely on pulses to eradicate hunger and poverty and become a major food item in a common man’s platter.  

But World Pulses Day is not limited to the 2nd goal of the UN. It also covers objectives that are mentioned in the UN’s Agenda 2030. This may include the 3rd goal of the UN – “Good Health and Well-being” and the 13th goal of the UN – “Climate Action.”  

Climate change is a burning topic around the world. This may lead to changes in cropping pattern and soil nutrients. Pulses are important in this regard because pulses replenish urea and minerals in soil. Do you know nitrogen richness defines climate action?  

Besides, the world is concerned with the alarming increase in the rate of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Doctors recommend eating pulses for weight loss. Their fiber, protein, and other nutritious contents encourage healthy heart, and other bodily functions, including fat burning.  

Lobia seeds
Lobia seeds

What to do on World Pulses Day 2021? 

  • Cook a dal of your choice on this day. How about some protein rich matkidal or superfood horsegram 

  • Spread awareness of the health benefits of pulses in your neighborhood and social network. 

  • Go pulses shopping! Fill your containers with pulses of various kinds in the kitchen. 

  • Resolve to eat atleast one bowl of dal daily or alternate day or a minimum of twice a week. 

  • You can have a dal party where you can cook a variety of dal dishes and have a protein blast! 

Do you know pulses help to prevent and suppress cancer? So, this World Pulses Day 2021, give yourselves and your family a protein punch.  

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