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World's Largest Potato Is Not A Potato! Read to know the details

A couple in New Zealand were ecstatic to have found what seemed like the biggest potato they had ever seen. Colin and Donna Craig-Brown found a giant potato behind their home.

Kritika Madhukar
Colin Craig-Brown Discovered Doug In Its Backyard
Colin Craig-Brown Discovered Doug In Its Backyard

Colin Craig-Brown had a hoe in his hand. The moment it hit the ground a loud clonk sound was heard. He called for his wife and they both were in awe of what they were witnessing. He grabbed a big garden fork and pounced on it like a giddy Viking warrior.  

He dug his foot into the ground and drew that thing out while yelling and screaming in excitement.  The thing was about the size of the garbage bin lid. They named the thing Doug.

Doug Disguised As A Potato

The discovery of the couple made headlines. Doug weighed around 17 pounds. It looked, felt, and even tasted similar to a potato when they chopped and consumed a small and raw piece of it.

Their friends and family suggested that their discovery can be considered for inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records. The couple then filled out an application for Doug as the world's heaviest potato. People grow large-sized vegetables and fruits all over the world. Some have even won prizes and recognition for their work. According to the Guinness Book of the world record, recently, a farmer in the country of Israel has grown the heaviest strawberry in the world.

 The couple had a small farm. Colin Craig-brown was a 62-year-old horticulture scientist. Doug would have had to be self-seeded as the couple had never grown potatoes previously. It weighed 17.4 pounds, which was significantly more than the world's heaviest known potato. It weighed 11 pounds and was discovered in the year 2010 by a farmer named Peter Glazebrook, who grew large-sized vegetables in Britain.

Revelation Of Real Identity Of Doug

The couple had submitted a slice of Doug for the DNA testing. Doug was nowhere near to being a potato; the DNA testing revealed.

A Guinness official emailed them about Doug not being a potato. The specimen suggested that it was a type of gourd.

The couple was perplexed as they had no idea how the gourd ended up in their garden. The official further wrote in the email that the gourd could be suffering from an infection or disease which might have resulted in its odd growth and weight or it might have formed by a complete accident of nature.

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