Zomato Controversy: Religious Intolerance over Food is Triggering Nationwide Debate

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

After the incident involving a Zomato delivery person with the ‘Non-Hindu’ tag, religious intolerance is triggering a nationwide debate. The man who canceled his order because he was assigned a "non-Hindu" delivery executive by food ordering service Zomato has been sent a notice by police in Madhya Pradesh, warning him of jail if he tweets anything divisive in the next six months. 

On Tuesday night, the man from Madhya Pradesh had tweeted about canceling his order placed on Zomato as the designated rider was a "non-Hindu". 

"Just canceled order on Zomato," Jabalpur-based Amit Shukla tweeted. "They allocated a non-Hindu rider for my food. They said they can't change rider and can't refund on cancellation." 

Instantly, Zomato took no time to respond to the tweet which took the internet by storm and set off a major conversation on the internet about bigotry and discrimination over religion.  "Food doesn't have a religion. It is a religion," the food Delivery Company tweeted.  


Even, Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal also took the stand, saying, "We are proud of the idea of India - and the diversity of our esteemed customers and partners. We aren't sorry to lose any business that comes in the way of our values." 

Thousands including competitors like Uber Eat comes in support of Zomato for their fearless stand while some other people also tweeted calling Zomato a hypocrite since it had food tagged as halal on its app.

They said that if Zomato has a problem with people demanding their food be canceled on grounds of religion, why they didn’t raise the same hue and cry when people asked for "halal meat". 

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