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CHRISTMAS 2018: 10 Amazing Facts about Christmas Trees

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
Christmas Tree

Christmas without a Christmas tree is incomplete. For those who don’t know, Christmas tree is a decorated tree, generally an evergreen conifer like pine, spruce, fir or an artificial tree of similar look. It is used for indoor as well as outdoor Christmas decorations.

People nowadays decorate Christmas trees in their own way; some make it colorful by putting lots of lights, hanging balls, small stars, tiny artificial gifts and toffee packs, flowers and many other things.

Amazing facts about Christmas Tree:

Fact 1 - Evergreen trees have been used to celebrate the winter season even before the birth of Jesus Christ.  Actually, pagans used the branches of evergreen trees to decorate their homes during the winter solstice, thinking of the upcoming spring.

Fact 2 - The very 1st decorated Christmas tree was put up in Riga, Latvia in the year 1510.

Fact 3 - Trees used to be festooned with edible decorations. The first Christmas trees in Germany were decorated with apples, gingerbread, wafers and sweets.

Fact 4 - The Original Christmas trees aren’t always fir trees. Different types of trees are used in different countries. Take for example, in New Zealand - the ‘Pohutakawa’ tree with red flowers is used sometimes.

Fact 5 - Artificial Christmas trees were first developed in Germany in the 19th century. These “trees” were also made from goose feathers that were colored in green and fixed to wire branches, which were then covered around a rod that acted as the trunk.

Fact 6 - Modern Artificial Christmas trees are made up of PVC plastic. And around 80 percent of those are made in China.

Fact 7 - Christmas tree is thirsty. Even if you have cut them down and placed in your living room, a Christmas tree must be treated as a cut flower. It has only been cut down and not dead. It can drink a litre of water daily in the first week hence keep watering it.

Fact 8 - Around 25 to 30 million real Christmas trees are sold every year in the US. And most of them come from Christmas tree farms.

Fact 9 - Growing Christmas trees provides a habitat for the wildlife.

Fact 10 - Christmas trees also helps in removing dust and pollen from the air.

Hope you enjoyed and learned new as well as amazing facts about the Christmas Trees. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!!!!

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