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Animpet Launches Animstok.com, India's First Integrated E-Marketplace for the Thriving Animal Economy!

Animpet Ecomm has announced the grand inauguration of India's very first Hybrid E-Marketplace, Animstok.com. With this launch, the company is set to tap into the potential of the country's thriving animal-based economy, estimated to be worth Rs 32 lakh crore.

Yash Saxena
Animpet Launches Animstok.com, India's First Integrated E-Marketplace for the Thriving Animal Economy!
Animpet Launches Animstok.com, India's First Integrated E-Marketplace for the Thriving Animal Economy!

The platform has already undergone successful trial runs with more than 25,000 vendors offering over 150,000 items and services. This move is expected to revolutionize the animal-based market, creating new opportunities for vendors and consumers alike.

AnimStok.com has announced plans to increase its number of vendors from 25,000 to one million, offering a massive ten million products. In a statement, Karishma Dagar, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer emphasized that the platform aims to provide an organized marketplace for the animal-based economy, which has traditionally been mostly physical and unorganized. The platform will offer B2B, B2C, and C2C services all on a single platform, providing a one-stop shop for all animal-based products and services.

According to Karishma Dagar, the company has set a goal of building a workforce of 12,000 employees during its first year of operations, with a major focus on marketing and technology. She further added that Animpet has been granted a startup certificate under the Animal Husbandry and Industry category. This certification is indicative of the platform's dedication to promoting and supporting the growth of the animal-based economy in India through technological innovation and market development.

"India's animal-based economy is highly segmented and largely unorganized, despite its global leadership in milk production, second position in fisheries, third in egg production, fourth in buffalo meat exports, and more," explained cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer of AnimStok.com. She further stated that this observation piqued their interest, leading to four years of subject research and technological deployment, culminating in the birth of AnimStok.com.

The platform aims to revolutionize the animal-based economy by providing a centralized and organized marketplace for all animal-based products and services, promoting growth and development in the sector.

The success of their previous venture, a website for betting on races and sports that attracted about 130 global entities and is now operational from the UK as part of a media stable, led Bhasker Pathak, the promoter and CEO, and co-founder Ashish Gupta to create a new company focused on online trading through transparent technological deployment. According to sources, this experience gave the cofounders valuable insights into how to create a successful online platform while maintaining transparency and integrity.

The concept of Animpet was born from the idea of man and civilization. The creators took it upon themselves to digitize and organize the largely unorganized animal-based economy. They began this effort using their own resources and eventually formed Animpet Ecomm Private Ltd in April 2021, followed by the launch of the E-commerce platform Animstok.com. In December 2021, the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, recognized Animpet as a 360-degree startup in the Industry Vertical, further solidifying the company's commitment to developing and promoting the animal-based economy in India through innovative technological solutions.

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