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Biofloc Tank and Mini Polyhouse for Huge Profit throughout the year & Self Sustainability

Aiswarya R Nair
Aiswarya R Nair

High Tech Mini Polyhouse for self-sustainability built by Sajish Chembakamangalam from Attingal.

Profits from Aquaculture

500 fish of 250 kg each can be harvested in six months. A fish will cost at least Rs 250. In this way, fish can be harvested for two months.

With e project 10 kg of fish feed, fish pond water testing pH, ammonia, oxygen kit, irritation unit, NFT with Aquaponics (Nutrient Film Technique), a state-of-the-art fish farming technology rare in Kerala, more than 120 net pots filled with clay balls, various types of leaves Lettuce, mint, parsley, eggplant.

Profit from Vegetable cultivation

Beds that can be cultivated by drip irrigation by putting the mulching sheet on the ground (beans, pods, plantains, tomatoes, salad cucumber or any of these 2 varieties) If pollinated tomatoes and pods are cultivated with the same technology of pollination, small bees can be placed inside the pond as manure technology. Everything is provided through e-project.

In the case of pulses, 100 mounds can be grown on both sides. Yield is 2 kg per knee in 3 months. Thus an average yield of up to 200 kg can be obtained. Even getting Rs 50 per kg is a huge profit. Thus vegetables can be harvested three times a year.

Similarly, cucumbers, aubergines, lentils and tomatoes can be harvested well. In addition, bees provide hives for pollination. Starting at 60 M2, the e-project will change the look to suit the needs of the farmers.

The new innovation has been designed by Aneesh Anchal, winner of the Kerala State Hi-Tech Farmer Award 2017-18.

Aneesh N Raj, a native of Anchal, is so passionate about innovation in agriculture that he left his tomatoes grown in a poly house entirely to the bees. There are a couple of aspects in agriculture which one needs to know before appreciating the adventurous innovator in Aneesh. There are not many success stories around in poly house farming and not many have tried growing tomatoes in poly houses as it required pollination.

Aneesh's Q3 Innovation, based in Thiruvananthapuram, delivers to farmers. Aneesh also designs poly houses, mini poly houses, aquaponics, and hydroponics for growers.

"Polyhouse helps us to cultivate throughout the year. But we need to consider it as an ICU unit and give proper care," said Aneesh.

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