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This 32-year-old Man Quits His Well-Paying Job To Pursue Organic Farming

Bonguram Nagaraju wasn't quite satisfied with his life even after landing a well-paying job. He quit his job and went back to his village and started cultivating organic crops with the help and support of his wife.

Kritika Madhukar
Bonguram Nagaraju in his farm
Bonguram Nagaraju in his farm

Bonguram Nagaraju of Hyderabad is an inspiration to many who want to stay true to their roots and thrive in a tree. After finishing his post-graduate studies at the University of Hyderabad, the 32-year-old began working for Bharat Biotech.

Bonguram Nagaraju’ Background

Bonguram Nagaraju earned his MSc in Animal Biotechnology. Even after having a decent degree and a well-paying job at Bharat Biotech, he wasn't satisfied with his life and accomplishments. He wanted to pursue something that he was passionate about.

He started thinking about the food that people were eating all around his city. He realized that the food was grown inorganically by using chemicals and pesticides.

Adopted Organic Farming

As per a mainstream media group, Bonguram Nagaraju quit his job and went back to his village. He then decided to pursue organic farming and started fostering new crops.

The agricultural practice that he incorporated was different. He farmed the land of indigenous paddy varieties that Habsipur village farmers never chose. Not only that but rather than just using synthetic agrochemicals, he practiced organic farming with cow manure and neem oil.

After hearing his decision of leaving town and quitting his job, Nagaraju's parents and parents-in-law were outraged with his decision. However, his wife stood by him the entire time. She also quit her teaching job at one of Hyderabad's corporate schools.

Nagaraju and his wife have cultivated seven indigenous paddy crops on four and a half acres of land, including Telangana Sona, Kuji Paali, Ratna Chodi, Kalabati, etc. The couple also grows a variety of vegetables and fruits and raises sheep and chickens. In an interview with a news agency, Nagaraju disclosed that he has begun the cultivation of mixed crops as well as he is also raising chickens and sheep to increase profitability. By disbursing various indigenous paddy seeds to village farmers, the young farmer is also working as a guide and inspiration for many farmers in his village. 

Awards And Accomplishments

The year before, Gandhi Global Family and Gandhi Gnan Prathistan Trust awarded him with the Pudami Putra Award in recognition of his efforts to improve agriculture for the better.

He has now been trying to enlighten farmers about the benefits and practices of organic farming, in collaboration with Subhiksha Agri Foundation, Deccan Mudra, and Grama Bharathi Voluntary Organization. According to Agriculture Extension Officer Mahesh, Nagaraju became a real inspiration for so many young people, who are interested in pursuing a professional life in agriculture.

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