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A 76-year-old Man from Kerala Nurtures 210 Types of Jackfruits in His Orchard

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
76 Year Old Thomas With His Jackfruit Trees

Jack fruit might be known throughout the world to be a superfood and also a substitute for meat however for south Indians especially people from Kerala it’s more than that, it is so much more than a fruit that the state of Kerala and Tamil Nadu has actually given it the title of state fruit. 

However, even residents of the state might be unaware that there are over 200 types of jackfruit fruit in their state. 

Thomas a man from Chakkampuzha Kattakkayam town in Pala has been gathering preserving and cultivating these seedlings for the past few years. Thomas a humble orchard owner from Kerala was actually really disturbed with the number of chemical fertilisers and pesticides which were used in farms to act as chemical boosters to boost crop yield, and when he found out that jackfruit is one of those trees that actually doesn’t require any artificial growth stimulants or chemical pesticides to grow he decided to start preserving it.  

To date, Thomas from Chakkampuzha Kattakkayam town in Pala has actually managed to raise about 210 different types of jackfruit in his orchard. 

He did this by converting a 1.5-acre land that had originally been a rubber plantation into an orchard specifically customized to grow Jackfruits, After budding he also took extreme care in preserving the saplings in containers. After nourishing the saplings organically and utilizing bio-manure after collecting as many jackfruit seeds as possible and sprouting them in containers. He then buds these plants in order to develop more types. 

Today, Thomas' orchard consists entirely of jackfruit trees, or 'Plavu,' as they are known in Kerala, including those that give fruits every month and those that produce fruits every season. For Thomas, his Jackfruit (“Chakka”) orchard is his passion, and he aims to continue his conservation efforts for as long as he can. 

He is truly the epitome of the age-old adage,” A true passion that burns within your soul is one that cannot be put out”. 

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