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Amazon Retail Launches Agronomy Services for Farmers in India

To give timely crop cultivation advise to farmers.

Chintu Das

Amazon Retail on Tuesday (31 Aug 2021) announced the launch of its agronomy services for farmers that will provide quick & timely advice and help them to make accurate decisions on actions required for their crops.

The agronomy service also provides an application interface centered on machine learning and computer vision that streamlines supply chain processes, assists farmers in identifying defects (rotting, spots, cuts, mold) in fruits and vegetables, and lessens produce wastage, ensuring that customers receive high-quality produce, according to the company statement. 

“ We're thrilled about the potential for pioneering technology to help Indian farmers and the agrarian community increase farm output and quality of fruits and vegetables. This is a comprehensive software that allows farmers to employ scientific crop planning depending on soil and climatic factors, as well as crop and disease control inputs,” stated Sameer Khetarpal, Director, Grocery, Food and Health, Amazon India. 

“ We are gratified by farmers' willingness to adapt and embrace tech-driven simpler solutions that aid them in making quick decisions and seeing enhanced farm results. We intend to increase program efficiency and develop new modules that will assist Indian farmers and offer consumers with fresh products,” Khetarpal said. 

Crop Plans That Are Tailored To You 

Amazon claims to have created an ecosystem by combining agronomist-led field treatments with farm management technologies to track the impact of such efforts. Agronomists provide agri-tech assistance to registered farmer partners in order to increase farm production and product quality.  

Crop planning are included in the program, both proactive and reactive: The goal of a proactive crop plan is to improve production and quality by using scientific crop and soil management methods. The reactive crop plan is an intervention-based effort in which farmers may report pests, illnesses, and other farm issues and receive corrective remedies. 

According to Amazon, 80% of farmers on boarded with the firm have access to a customised crop plan on their mobile app, as well as the option to raise reactive crop-related issues for resolution as needed. 

Amazon is constructing a temperature-controlled supply chain infrastructure. Once the product is obtained from farmers and delivered to the processing centers, Amazon Retail employees utilize technology to verify and monitor quality at several stages. At the processing centers, the fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) is sorted, graded, and packed in various sizes before being shipped to Amazon Fresh fulfillment centers near clients. 

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