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Buy Carbide Free Mangoes Directly from Farmer Online via Mango Baba “Mobile App”

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Dr Shailendra Rajan, Director, Central Institute for Subtropical Horticultural (CISH), Lucknow, launched the “Mango Baba” mobile App with the objective of delivering carbide-free mangoes directly from farmers to customers. 

The app will not only help in providing delicious and best quality mangoes but also related products of mangoes made by the entrepreneurs of the institute. It can be used to deliver ice cream of different varieties of mango directly to the customers. 

This app will be used by young entrepreneurs to develop entrepreneurship from farmers to mango orchard to be refined from the automated packaging line of the institute to different parts of the city. People connected with supply chain of mango will also be able to do offline sales at various places. 

The ripped mangoes after plucking from the gardens, they are packaged free of bacteria by thorough cleaning and hot-water treatment. These names are cooked by ethylene gas without carbide. The packaging of mangoes is done as per the advice given by the institute. These mangoes will mostly be from the gardens where pesticides have been sprayed according to the recommendations made by the institute. The institute at least places special emphasis on the use of pesticides and all this is possible through a special spray schedule. 

The CISH is trying to use this to sell many rare mango varieties of Malihabad. This unique mango variety is not available in the markets of Lucknow but the gardeners of Malihabad are familiar with these and also know about their taste and other characteristics. 

Now consumers will have an opportunity to buy these great varieties in the near future. Most of the mango business depends on Dussehri, Chausa and Langda of Lucknow. Other farmers cannot find any place in the market. Even if who reaches the market, the price is so low that the farmer remains dissatisfied. 

The unique and important varieties are a legacy for the Malihabad region and if they are not thought of for sale in order to save them, then in the near future farmers will shy away from giving these varieties a place in their gardens. 

Apart from this, the institute trained farmers to produce mangoes without carbides and pesticides under the Farmer First Project. The institute gives guidance to entrepreneurs of this app by linking them to farmers and bringing mangoes of good quality to the customers. 

The CISH has also provided the facility to edit hot water treatment, fruit washing and other packaging processes by automatic machine. Entrepreneurs are being taken under the care of the institute’s mentors with due diligence related to various stages of fruit washing to packaging. Entrepreneurs are not only making practical use of the app, but with its help, it is possible to strengthen the entire supply chain of mangoes. 

In the changing scenario, Mango Baba App can prove to be effective to increase the demand for these less common mango varieties. The institute is planning to work on this with farmers and entrepreneurs. 

The Mango Baba App can save farmers from the hassle of going to the market. As well as providing good quality mangoes to customers at their doorstep. Through this app, different types of mangoes and products made from it will be served to customers and the objective of getting fair prices to entrepreneurs will be fulfilled. 

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