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Earn 2 Lakhs from Garlic Cultivation; Complete Cost, Profit Analysis Inside

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Sugandh Bhatnagar

The months of October- November are considered best for the cultivation of garlic. Tuber formation of garlic is better in this season. Loamy land is good for its cultivation. Garlic is used in chutneys, vegetables and pickles. It also has healing properties for stomach ailments, indigestion, ear ache, eye disorders, whooping cough etc.

Garlic: Climate and Land Requirement

The temperate climate is favorable for the cultivation of garlic. However, very hot and very cold weather is not favorable for this crop. Garlic can be grown at an altitude of 1000 to 1300 meters above sea level. Crop growth is not good if rainfall exceeds 75 cm during the growing season. For this, planting in the month of October gives more yield. The crop can be grown well in loamy soil mixed with medium depth organic manure. Light soil, clay soil is not suitable for its cultivation.

Garlic Varieties

Garlic is planted at 10 × 7.5 cm in dry season in October-November. The petals or sticks are removed and covered with soil. Safed Jamnagar, Godavari and Shreta Garlic varieties are popular

Garlic: Irrigation Requirement

The first Irrigation should be provided after planting. The second irrigation should be given 3-4 days after that and the next 8 to 12 days depending on the season. Give water two days before harvest.

Garlic: Harvesting and Production

This crop is suitable for harvesting after four and a half to five months of sowing. When it turns yellow it means it is ready to be removed. The bulbs are cut for sale and cleaned and sorted according to size and sent to the market. The production of garlic depends on the soil texture, fertilizer and variety. The yield is 32-40 quintals per hectare.

Cost Profit Analysis of Growing Garlic in 1 Acre:

The approximate cost of sowing material per acre is Rs 1200. The cost of other inputs like fertilizers & pesticides is Rs 8000 per acre. there are other miscellaneous costs planting cost, weeding cost and other. The total cost of production of garlic in 1 acre of land is around Rs 27000.

The farmers can get an average yield of 32-48 quintals from an acre of land. The market price of Garlic is Rs 5000 per Kg. In this way, farmers can make around Rs 2 lakhs from 1 acre of Garlic cultivation.

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