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Fruitbox & Co. Delivers Healthy & Wide Range of Fruits, Vegetables

Fruitbox & Co. is Delhi based Agri-startup which sells imported, seasonal & exotic fruits & vegetables to consumers at their doorsteps. Not only that, it delivers the goods to B2B & B2C client’s doorsteps across India. It also offers the best quality of fruits available in town to provide its customers with reviving & nutritious fruits in a snap. Here’s how it all started.

P. Godha Hiranmayee

Fruitbox& Co. sells imported, seasonal & exotic fruits & vegetables to consumers at their doorsteps. Not only that, it delivers the goods to B2B & B2C client’s doorsteps across India. It also offers the best quality of fruits available in town to provide its customers with reviving & nutritious fruits in a snap. Here’s how it all started. 

Radhika, a certified pastry chef from Le Cordon Bleu, London, upon joining Ambrosia Cakes in New Delhi, realized that the quality of fruits available to Indians was meager. Here’s where Rishi, an MBA in finance, who had a background in Agri-space by the virtue of Super Banana, came up with the brand idea. 

With people becoming increasingly aware & conscious about healthy eating & due to his prior experience in the fruit industry. Rishi decided to establish a start up& it had a soft launch by offering gift packs to his friends & family “to get honest feedback”. 

Then, the co-founders have ventured to deliver supreme quality fruits sourced from some of the best farms in India to their clients ranging from admired wholesalers to hotels & hospitals. 

Finally, in 2018, Rishi Sakhuja& his sister-in-law Radhika Singh launched a business exclusively selling fruits & vegetables. The duo had started Fruitbox& co in 2018 with just a small investment. Today it earns approximately Rs.1,25,000 in daily revenues. 

Radhika manages the design & packaging while Rishi takes care of sourcing, farmer network, wholesalers & importers. They had designed sturdy boxes to minimize damage. They are having a strong network of farmers, wholesalers, importers & sourcing directly from farmers reduces the involvement of middlemen & handling increasing the life of the fruit. 

People can choose from a wide range of fruits locally available to premium exotic fruits online & have them delivered to the convenience of their doorstep. They offer a wider variety of fruits than other competitors. They mostly focus on fruits, quality & delivery.  

While some fruits-banana, mangoes, oranges, grapes & strawberries are sourced from across India, Fruitbox imports other fruits- apples from the US & New Zealand, guavas & passion fruit from Thailand, avocados from Mexico & pears from the US. 

Apart from mundane items like onions, potatoes, bananas & papaya, the startup sells everything from Afghan pomegranate, dragon fruit & Thai guava to red globe grapes, navel oranges & Granny Smith apples. In addition, it sells longan lychee as well as blueberries, pomelo & New Zealand Kiwis.  

Fruit box has a backend team in Maharashtra & Delhi for order tracking, dispatching & inventory management. They also have an agro-freeze cold storage unit in Azadpur. Packaging, quality check & dispatching are done from the cold storage itself. 

Fruitbox& Co.’s wedding & festive gifting range consists of gift boxes that are carefully designed keeping    in mind the significance of the occasion along with the preferences of the clients taking gifting & customization to a whole new level. 

Types of Fruit Boxes: 

1. Immunity & Power Fruit Box

Immunity & Power Fruit Boxes are special designed to increase the immunity as well as enrich the energy. In this pandemic situation people are very serious about increasing their immunity levels. Hence, Fruitbox& Co helps them by providing a combo of immunity boosting fruits & energy enrichers in this Immunity & Power Fruit Box.  

2. Corporate Fruit Box

a) Corporate Rack

b) Small Box &

c) Big Box

Corporate boxes are ideal for school & work settings. These boxes are available on subscriptions basis: Fruitbox& Co customizes these boxes based on the nutritional needs, preferences & number of employees. It focuses on making the freshest combination of seasonal & exotic fruits available at workspaces to promote a healthier lifestyle & happier self above all.

Rishi Said that, “They acquired their first client for daily fruits through a session at their work & began the gifting Programme through Instagram”.

In India, Fruitbox competes with startupslike Gofarmz, Freshokartz & Ninjacart & bigplayers like Bigbasket & Grofers. Nagpur-based Eat Kit is also working on the same premise. 

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