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Latest horticulture reports suggest, farmers from Gujarat are earning in lakhs by cultivating fruits

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
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Exchanges are in progress between the government and the farmers who are protesting all around the nation over the three new agrarian laws presented by the Centre. Recently, representatives of Sikh farmers have met PM Modi during his Kutch visit. 

Nonetheless, it will be fascinating to know that the farmers belonging to Gujarat, notably from Kutch, have earned enough pay through horticulture. Dynamic farmers from the Kutch locality have been developing fruits to acquire lakhs of rupees, indicated yearly reports of horticulture in the state. For quite a long time, these farmers have been developing in the land given by the centre in Kutch. Currently, fruits like mango, dates, dragon fruit, pomegranate, lemon, chiku, coconut, banana, and guava are accessible in Kutch. 

Looking at the insights of fruit development and approximated production of the Horticulture Department of the Gujarat administration for the year 2019-2020, it was discovered that fruits were developed in a total of 56,761 land hectares in the region a year ago. A report cited on the official site of the Director of the Gujarat Horticulture Department shows that the assessed production was around 9,49,115 metric tonnes.  

As per the above expressed report, an expected 9,72,603 metric tonnes of fruits have been developed in a total of 22,889 hectares of land in Anand district in the year 2019-2020. Regardless of the absence of water, Kutch creates a ton as far as agribusiness and it likewise delivers the most amount of fruits in the state. 

Predicted production and contribution of Kutch with respect to fruits in the year 2019-2020

As per the assessed production of fruits in Gujarat a year ago, mango was planted in a total area of 10,475 hectares in Kutch with an expected creation of 66,421 Metric Tonnes, trailed by pomegranate with the most production and development in the region with 18,750 hectares of plantation area and an expected creation of 2,94,335 Metric Tonnes.  

In the year 2019-20, fruits in the state were developed at a complete area of 4,46,440 hectares with an expected creation of 92,61,066 metric tonnes. 

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