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Maharashtra Asks Insurance Companies to Settle Crop Loss Claims of Farmers

The area under Rabi sowing in state is 52 lakh hectares. The sowing of wheat, maize, bajra, jowar, sesame, mustard, oats continued till November end. The sugar cane planting commenced from December.

Ayushi Raina
Insurance Companies to Settle Crop Loss Claims of Farmers
Insurance Companies to Settle Crop Loss Claims of Farmers

Maharashtra Government has asked crop insurance companies to pay out Rs.848 crore to farmers in the state who are eligible for crop insurance claims.  Agriculture Minister Dadasaheb Bhuse gave the directive. 

"We have sent a stern statement to insurance companies. Farmers who qualify for crop insurance claims should be given priority access to funding. There is no need to postpone," Bhuse remarked. 

"For Kharif this year, the entire insurance claims accepted for crop loss amount to Rs.1842 crore. The firms have disbursed Rs.994 crore. The remaining Rs.848 crore is pending," added Bhuse. The minister directed the companies to pay the farmers within one week. 

This year, 84 lakh farmers enrolled in crop insurance during Kharif. The total premium due was Rs.2312 crore. According to the guidelines, insurance firms have agreed to reimburse claims worth Rs.1842 crore based on crop loss assessments. 

The crop damage owing to unseasonal rain during the present Rabi season, according to the minister, is still to be determined. 

"Over the last week, the rain has had a negative impact on Rabi or winter crops. However, the evaluation will take at least a week.“ The state agriculture centers have recommended farmers to notify the relevant insurance firms regarding crop loss. 

The state's Rabi sowing area is 52 lakh hectares. Wheat, maize, bajra, jowar, sesame, mustard, and oats were sown till the end of November. The cultivation of sugar cane began in December. 

"The government has issued a warning to insurance companies not to shun farmers. The government is not making any unreasonable demands. Farmers who meet the insurance standards, on the other hand, should be able to file claims. "It can't be skipped," Bhuse stated. However, "if any insurance firms are discovered to be exploiting farmers or not responding to genuine claimants, the government will ask authorities to delist them in the future." 

According to the agricultural department, farmers are responding positively to insurance. Maharashtra is one of the leading states in terms of insurance premium payments. 

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