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People Worried Due to Increasing Prices of Vegetables

As the rising vegetable prices head skywards, common man is finding it difficult to make ends meet this festive season. While a majority of those having money at their disposal are enjoying the festive atmosphere, it is the people languishing in the lower income group who are bearing the brunt of high prices.

Ayushi Raina
People buying vegetables from vegetable vendor
People buying vegetables from vegetable vendor

As vegetable costs continue to rise, the common man is finding it tough to make the ends meet this festive season. Tomatoes, onions, capsicum, cauliflower, and other vegetables are becoming increasingly out of reach for a middle class man.

If vegetable sellers or retailers are to be believed, vegetable prices will remain high for the entire month.

Islam, a vegetable vendor on Rani Jhansi Road stated "vegetables are likewise expensive at the main mandi (or wholesale market)."

"Because it's the festive season, demand is more than usual. Prices are only going to rise more. Prices will remain on the higher side for the rest of the month," said Islam.

While tomatoes cost Rs.80 per kilogram, onions cost Rs.50-60 per kg. Capsicum, which cost for Rs.50 per kg a few weeks ago, is now selling for Rs.120 per kg. Beans, cauliflower, bottle-gourd, carrot, and other vegetables have similarly high rates.

"We don't use any vegetables these days. We still rely on pulses and soya, which is reasonable. How can a person purchase vegetables with a monthly income of Rs.4000?" Raushni, a domestic helper in Ghumar Mandi, questioned.

The sellers, on the other hand, stated that the prices will fall once the new crop arrives in the market.

Also in Thiruvananthapuram, skyrocketing costs of vital goods such as vegetables and other perishable things have made life tough for the common man. The price of perishable goods has risen in the last month. According to traders, the price increase cannot be ascribed simply to changing fuel costs. A mismatch between demand and supply for numerous products has exacerbated the situation.

Also in Kakinada, the average man cannot afford to buy vegetables since their costs have soared during the festival season in East Godavari district also. Vegetables of poor quality are offered at exorbitant rates in all Rythu Bazars.

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