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Profitable Banana Farming: Earn Upto Rs 8 Lakh, Know Cost & Profit Details

In this article, we have written about how you can earn in lakhs through banana farming. Read full article to know cost & profit analysis.

M Kanika
Ripe Banana's
Ripe Banana's

Profitable Banana Farming: If you want to make a lot of money from a tiny piece of land, you might consider banana farming. Banana farming was once exclusive to South India, but it is now being cultivated in North India also. You can earn almost Rs. 8 lakh by producing bananas on 1 hectare. 

A banana farmer would never consider practicing traditional farming, such as wheat-paddy-sugarcane, because the latter does not yield large earnings.

Cultivation of Bananas

Although June-July is the perfect season to grow bananas, some farmers wait until August to do so. It is also grown in the months of January and February. In about 12-14 months, this crop will be fully mature. Banana plants should be planted at a spacing of around 8*4 feet apart and irrigated with drip irrigation. In one hectare, up to 3000 banana plants are planted. Banana plants prefer wetness and thrive on it.

When the fruits begin to appear on the plant, precautions should be taken to preserve them from stains and to ensure that they fetch a fair market price.

Where can you get Banana Plants?

Bananas are cultivated from banana plants rather than seeds. Banana plants can be found in a variety of locations.

You can purchase banana plants from nurseries or directly contact companies that specialize in improved banana types and will deliver banana plants to your home.

At the same time, all state governments distribute saplings to encourage banana growing, so contact your district's agriculture department.

If you live near a banana plantation, you can get banana plants from there as well. A banana plant will cost you between Rs 15-20.

Costs and Profits in Banana Cultivation

In banana cultivation, approximately 3000 plants are planted per hectare, costing between Rs. 45000 and Rs. 60000; you will just have to spend on plants.

Simultaneously, around Rs. 2.5-3 lakh per acre is spent on plant care and management throughout the year.

A hectare of banana cultivation will cost around Rs. 3-4 lakh (for entire 12-14 months). Furthermore, each plant can produce up to 25-40 kg of bananas.

One hectare of land produces around 100 tonnes of bananas in this manner. The price of a kilogram of these bananas ranges from Rs 10-15. You will make Rs 12 lakh if the average price is Rs 12. However, if the cost is removed, you will make a profit of Rs 8 lakh.

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