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Samhitha’s Citron App – A One Stop Solution for All Citrus Farmers

M Kanika
M Kanika
Citron App For Citrus Farmers
Citron App For Citrus Farmers

The two most critical challenges in Precision Advisory are On-Time Advisory delivery, and Advisory at the most granular level, i.e., at an individual tree level. Samhitha overcomes these challenges by relying on Samhitha’s citrus knowledge base in combination with innovation in IoT & AI technologies.

Samhitha provides Precision Advisory by relying on two types of data sets - Remote sensing data & Ground truth data. We capture remote sensing data through spectral imagery enabled drones & Local Weather stations installed in the fields. For Ground truth data, Samhitha makes use of its Citron Mobile App. Citron App is a One-stop solution for Farmers, advisors & Experts for data collection, Analysis & Advisory. 

A digital blueprint of the entire field is first created in Citron App; followed by Soil & Water profiling exercise to understand the true nature of the field. Ground truth data is also captured through the telemetry devices which continuously monitor the field for Soil Moisture, Soil temperature, EC & Soil pH values.

Samhitha’s Vision Built into App

The field personnel then capture high-resolution images and videos of every tree. Samhitha’s proprietary computer vision algorithms built into the App enable faster data collection, as Pests and Disease detection & classification are done during the data collection stage itself. Till data Samhitha’s team has captured data for 4 lakhs trees across 3,500 acres looking for 52 different problems. 

Samhitha’s AI algorithms then combine and analyze the Remote sensing data and Ground truth data against a plausible 500+ advisory solution available in Samhitha’s knowledge base.

Samhitha’s Citrus Experts ratify these recommendations post which a detailed tree-level advisory report is shared with the farmers. Through a unique combination of Samhitha’s citrus knowledge base combined with the tree-level data, Samhitha’s experts can provide Advisory reports within 2 days of data collection.

Other information shared through Citron App to farmers

  • Digital Tree Health Audit (DTHA) report provides the health status and disease for every tree in the field.

  • Bi-weekly advisory reports & recommendations at tree level

  • Soil Test reports provide information about NPK, carbon & other essential elements

  • Water analysis to assess the quality of irrigation water for making necessary corrections in irrigation and fertigation systems.

  • Multi-spectral images generated through drones show canopy distribution and plant stress.

  • Irrigation & Soil treatment alerts based on telemetry data.

  • Information about expected yield and product quality.

  • Disease alerts in the local area.

  • Customized recommendations based on the field data and the local weather patterns.

  • Video-based training resources with a special focus on best practices for lowering costs, effective fertigation, etc.

  • Mobile App & content is available in Local languages.

  • On-call support - Farmer can reach experts for any queries.

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