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Secretary, Food & Public Distribution Releases “Analytical Handbook for Cane Sugar Industry”

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Sugar Production

The book entitled “Analytical Handbook for Cane sugar Industry” written by Professor Narendra Mohan, Director of National Sugar Institute in Kanpur was released last week by Sudhanshu Pandey, Secretary (Food & Public Distribution), Government of India.

The book outlines in detail the methodology of chemical regulation. It is a book that is very interesting nowadays as sugar plants have developed into multi-product plants and it is important to determine technological productivity in different plant operations. 

The book's author Prof. Narendra Mohan, National Sugar Institute, expressed his views and said, "We have had a longtime issue with books on the topic and are there almost for the last two decades and have not been published. The book provides information on strategies for measuring the performance of various operations in units, methods for evaluating the various goods in sugar houses and also details of the protocols on quality management. The book is of great value to the sugar industry not only professional staff, but also to the students, he said. 

As he discussed the driving force behind his book, he communicated: "There is a severe shortage of good books for the sugar sector and there seems to be a total vacuum with regard to the Indian writers. In the past and current times, as technology is evolving rapidly, minimal books are available and published ones are not attractive. To learn what's new, what the hype is and what the next technical scenario is, you have to have revised and have sufficient literature. As I always wanted an extensive book for my students and that too at a reasonable rate, my students were my driving force. Technical workers in the sugar industry certainly will require these books to refresh their awareness. 

When asked what big problems this handbook resolves, Prof. Mohan replied: "A process of transformation is taking place in the Indian sugar industry. Now we are asking about raw and specialty sugars rather than all about white sugar plantation. The system of quality management is growing and the industry is ready to implement GMPs and HACCPs. Similarly, the treatment of effluents has been more important than ever before. It includes chapters on quality management, waste water scrutiny and even specifications for label instruments to be used. This book would provide a glimpse into all of this. This would make it possible to carry out quality management work."

"Everything in the book has been implemented from basic language to research methods according to common guidelines to chemical control methodology. In future years, the book will prove its value. For all those involved with the sugar industry, it will become a holy text." He added that.

You should write to allnatures2001@rediffmail.com to purchase the book for a total of rupees 1000.

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