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This Super Food Protects Bees from Pesticides

Anju M U
Anju M U

Global warming, droughts, habitat loss, forest fires are the main threats to honey bees, whereas millions of beehives are dropped down in number by pesticide effects across the globe. Even systemic insecticides used to control insect pests negatively affect the bees.

Colombian scientists forwarded an experiment which arrived at a result in saving the honey bees. Researchers at the Faculty of Natural Science in Bogota’s Rosario University have found a superfood that protects the bees from the adverse effects of pesticides.

The Super Food

The superfood can be applied in solid or liquid form and is deposited near hives where the bees come for pollen. Experimenting with the supplement, the researchers arrived at the result that nutritional foods save the bees in sensory sensitivity of bees, learning and memory capacities, and motor control.

The enthusiastic scientists have worked on honey bees and bumblebees, the most important pollinators in the world, and achieved their goal to a remedy against pesticides, is now works to transfer the result to the investors in order to produce the superfoods for markets.

Bees: The Most Important Pollinators

Not merely in fruits, nuts, and vegetables, bees are taking a vital part in the production of meat and other animal products. Bees as pollinators contribute to one-third of the food human eat. As they are saviors of crops to buds into yields, the fail in pollinators might strain the quality and quantity of foods.

Reports on earlier studies tell that 90 percent of wild plants and 75 percent of global crops rely on pollination by animals or beasts. Though insecticides are necessary for growing crops without any harm from pests, the experiment by Rosario University researchers opens a path to protect bees as well.

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