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3 Unique Cauliflower Varieties that You can Grow in Your Garden

In India, cauliflower is one of the most popular winter vegetables. It is thought to have originated in Europe and was derived from broccoli. Cauliflower is grown in practically every state in India, although the most important are Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Assam, M.P., Gujarat, and Haryana.

Kritika Madhukar
early white cauliflower has an ultra-large 9-inch diameter head
early white cauliflower has an ultra-large 9-inch diameter head

Cauliflower is one of the most adaptable crops in your winter garden. This brassica-family crop delivers significant results in exchange for a little space and work when pureed, crunchy and roasted. However, not all cauliflower is made equal: the ideal cauliflower crop begins with high-quality seeds from a variety that is suited to your climate and culinary preferences.

These stunning florets are available in a variety of cultivars. Although cauliflower is known for being more difficult to cultivate in the garden, exotic types with purple, orange, and fractal-green heads are well worth the effort.

Early White Cauliflower

When the early white cauliflower cultivars are starting to blend together, this one distinguishes itself by showing its ultra-large 9-inch diameter heads and has a delicious flavor. Even being refrigerated or frozen, this cauliflower retains its excellent flavors and yet it is prized for fresh eating and pickling. The heads of this cauliflower are pure white, rivaling even the best farmer's market cauliflowers.

Early White species of cauliflower thrive in the chilly spring and fall seasons. This hybrid matures in 52 days, and plants can reach 30" tall and wide.

Depurple Cauliflower

Depurple cauliflower is entirely compatible with gourmet food scenes. The curds have a buttery texture and a subtle sweet-nutty flavor to them.

Depurple retains its color when boiled, roasted, pickled, or even if it is sprinkled with lemon or vinegar before cooking. The high anthocyanin concentration (because of the dark hue) makes this a powerful antioxidant and nutrient-dense ingredient.

Depurple is a hybrid early cultivar that can be sown in the spring or fall. It takes approximately 68 days to mature its enormous, heavy heads (7.5 to 8 inches in diameter). These cauliflowers can vary from rose pink to deep purple depending on the temperature and climatic conditions. Depurple cauliflower plants are extremely adaptive and durable.


Only a few people have ever had the opportunity to eat cheese-colored cauliflower. However, the Cheddar cauliflower is gaining popularity. These gorgeous orange heads bloom early in the summer and hold well in the field. When lightly cooked, they start out pale yellow-orange and then brighten. They go well with 'Lavender' and 'Vitaverde' in the garden or on a dish. 

Since 'Cheddar' has a low heat tolerance, it is best suited to late summertime sowings and fall harvest. It's a hybrid with medium-sized orange heads that mature in 58 days.

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