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Green Gram (Moong) Cultivation: 7 High Yielding Varieties for Zaid; Earn up to Rs 1 lakh during Offseason!

Growing Moong in your field can help you increase your earnings! Find 7 High yielding, short-duration Moong varieties apt for Zaid season.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Green Gram Pods
Green Gram Pods

It’s almost time for Rabi harvesting and the fields will be left empty till the time of Kharif sowing. An empty field yields no income for the farmer. What if, we tell you that the farmers can make a lot of profit during this offseason and enhance the soil fertility, at the same time! Yes, the farmers can do so by growing moong or green gram in their fields.

This strategy has worked for many farmers including Hemant Dubey of Hoshangabad, MP. Dubey plans to expand moong in 12 acres this year and sell the produce at Rs 4,5000- 5,000/ quintal. Another farmer, Tulsiram is hoping to earn more than a Lakh from Moong Cultivation with crop yield of 6 quintals per acre.

Early Maturing Moong/ Green Gram Varieties for Zaid Season

There are many improved varieties of moong which mature quickly and yield good yields from them. Here are the varieties of moong ready to be prepared by us as follows-

SML 668

This variety is one of the early maturing varieties. Its pods are bent down in the form of a bunch. The grains of this variety are hard. This variety can yield 15 to 20 quintals per hectare.


Mohini variety of Moong gets ready to mature in 70-75 days. Each pod contains 10-12 seeds and small grains. This variety has the ability to tolerate yellow mosaic virus & can yield up to 10-12 quintals per hectare.


This variety of moong gets ready to mature in 75-80 days. Its plant also grows upright, which is tall. It can give 15-20 quintal yield per hectare. This variety is considered very suitable for the climate of North India.

Pusa Vishal

This variety matures to maturity in 70-75 days. It can be grown in both Zaid and Kharif season and yields up to 15-20 quintals per hectare.

RMG 268

The RMG 268 variety of Moong is considered good for those places where there is little to normal rainfall. This variety is resistant to drought. Up to 28% higher yield can be obtained with this variety.

Pant Moong 1

This improved variety of moong is ready to mature in 75 days. Apart from this, the crop can be ripe in 65 days in Zayed season. Its grains are small. With this, 10-12 quintal yield per hectare can be obtained.

PS 16

By planting this variety, the crop becomes ready in 60-65 days. Its plant grows upright and tall. Its yield potential is up to 10-15 quintals per hectare. This variety of moong is considered suitable in both rainy and summer seasons.

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