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Profitable Business with Mother Dairy will Make You Rich by Earning Money from Day 1; Know How

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Mother Dairy
Mother Dairy

Here is a big opportunity for those who want to do business with Mother Dairy. It can be noted that Fruit and Vegetable Private Limited Company offers its franchise. If you are interested then you can start your business by taking its franchise.

Mother Dairy is a dairy product company which makes and sells milk, milk products & other food products. Therefore, if you are thinking of doing a franchise profitable business with less investment and good profits then Mother Dairy is one of the best options you can opt for. It requires an investment of only 5 to 10 lakhs.

Besides dairy products, it also produces other things example- fruits, vegetables, edible oils, food items, pickles, fruit juices, jams.

Mother Dairy Franchise

Many companies who want to increase their network offer franchises. In which the name belongs to the company & anyone can do business. However, in return, the company charges some commission or fees.

Mother Dairy Milk Booth Franchise

Milk booths can sell different types of dairy products in the franchise model.

Mother Dairy Ice Cream Franchise

The mother dairy ice cream franchisee can open only one ice cream parlor. Interestingly, there is not much investment in this.

Different Products of Mother Dairy:

Token Milk, Full Cream Milk, Premium Full Cream Milk, Toned Milk, Standardized Milk, Cow Milk, Super-Tea Milk, Diet Milk, Ultimate Yoghurt, Classic Yogurt, Misty Yoghurt, Lassi, Plain Chhach, Flavored Milk Bottle, Butter, Cheese Spread, Cow Ghee, Fruit Yogurt, Milk Shake, Cheese Slice, Fresh Paneer, and Dairy Whitener.

How much investment is needed for Mother Dairy Franchise?

One has to make a good investment to take its franchise. However, the investment can be more or less as per your space and location. But, if you already have land, then some money will be saved. Remember, mother dairy is a very big and famous brand. It needs an investment of at least Rs 5 - 10 lakhs. Rs 50,000 will have to be given separately as brand fees. The company does not charge any royalty fees.

For the ones who want to open multiple product units, then the investment can go up to Rs 1 - 2 crores. It can also be more according to the location and city of the retail outlet. The company helps in promotion, installs milk vending machines.

Documents to take Mother Dairy Franchise

  1. You must have ID proof like Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card which will have to be given.

  2. Address proof will also be given such as Ration card, copy of electricity bill.

  3. Bank account details are required.

  4. Your photograph, email id, phone number is necessary.

  5. Documents of the property are also required.

  6. The lease agreement will be given.

  7. NOC certificate is required.

Earning by Mother Dairy Franchise

You can note that the Mother Dairy Distributorship margin is very important if you want to invest in the Mother Dairy franchise. In the first year, a 30% return can be expected on an investment. But, it will take about 2 years to withdraw the investment amount. Investing in Mother Dairy can benefit you by about 44,000 rupees every month.

For more details on Mother Dairy Business, you can visit here.

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