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Why Jersey Cows are in Huge Demand?

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Jersey Cow
Jersey Cow

Jersey is the second largest breed of dairy cattle in the whole which is mainly raised for milk production. The breed is well known for its huge milk production and high content of butterfat in it. They are high productive breeds and can give over ten times of their weight in milk per lactation. 

Jersey cow yields about 10% more non-fat dry milk, 20-25% more cheese and 30% more butter and this is why it is very much in demand. They have a very friendly nature and it is very easy to milk them. At required time intervals, they are taken on health checkups to ensure good quality milk. Their dung is also used for developing biogas as a fertilizer and many other activities. 


The Jersey cow breed originated on the Island of Jersey more than 200 years ago. But nowadays Jersey cows can be found in the whole world with highest populations in countries such as Canada, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Zimbabwe and UK. 


They come in different shades of dark brown, red, spotted and all with lighter underside. Whatever their color is, they have dark muzzles, tails and flanks. 

Advantages of Jersey Cow

  • They require low maintenance and have superior grazing ability because of their low body weight.

  • Because of its low maintenance requirement and low body weight it is possible to transport a large number of jersey cows.

  • For cross breeding with other dairy animals, low rate of dystocia and calving ease have made them famous and beef breeds to lessen calving related injuries.

  • To survive on locally sourced feed, Jersey cows have about 4.84% of butterfat and 3.95% of protein.

  • As compared to other dairy cattle breeds, Jersey cattle are a smaller dairy cattle breed. They are slightly red, dark brown or mixed in color. Generally, they do not have a hunchback and have a large head.

Feeding Cost/ Day 

Jersey eats about 2-2.5 pounds of hay per day and if you feed grain the usual dairy ratio is 16% which well- balances with most pasture or hay. 

Milk per Day and Yield 

Jersey cow gives 30-35 liter of milk per day. 

About 5000-8000Kg of yield per year 

Jersey Cow Cost in India 

You can get Jersey Cow in India at Rs. 40K to 75K 

How long Jersey Cows live? 

Generally, most of the cattle breed lives between 18-22 years and it is not very unusual for them to live for 25 years or even more. They reach productive age early than other dairy breeds. 

What’s so special about Jersey Cows? 

Comparatively, Jersey produces milk at lower cost than other type of major cattle breeds and is more fertile, matures fast and has a short calving cycle. They are the dairy breed which stays longer than any other breed in the herd. 

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