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6 House Plants for your Home Office to Relieve Stress

Anju M U
Anju M U
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Indoor gardening for work from home

Work from home trend started with the Pandemic and is here to stay as people in the National Capital again have to stay at home due to the air pollution. Though the atmosphere is tainted with fog and dust, keeping some greens near your seat will help you to have a comfortable work setting.

The WFH from a green- space will boost your concentration, capability, creativity and also reduce stress. It doesn’t require a lot of money, but need proper planning and arrangements to create a green workspace for you at home. You have to first choose a space which has internet access, electricity, good lighting, and shelter from extreme sun.

Choosing exact plants that will survive indoors or climate also needs to be taken care of. In this article you can find some recommendations for the kind of plants best suited for work spaces at Home.

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant or pilea with its lovely rounded leaves gives you a pleasing feel to look at. As per the common belief, the money plant also brings you fortune.


With adequate light, humidity, fresh air, and attentive care, the plant can be beautifully grown. It does not spread to a vast space. It’s shoots are able to absorb moisture from the air & hence, acts as a natural humidifier.

It should be kept in proper drainage and plenty of light. The container needs to be cleaned every few months and provide fresh water once a week to prevent from algae formation.

Devil’s ivy

The shiny, heart shaped leaves plant requires ample amount of sunlight. The Devil’s ivy can be irrigated once in a month and roots in moderately damp soil. The hardy houseplant can be kept even in dark environment.

Snake plants

Snake plants can thrive in low light conditions and it benefits to your work atmosphere by filtering the air.  It is worthy to look at with its dual colors and lines. They do not need frequent watering and most of snake plants have an average of five to ten years of lifespan.

Peace lilies

The flowery plant is a popular choice for WFH purifies the indoor air and increase the humidity level in the atmosphere. It can be placed in bright or indirect light and need to maintain the soil moist.


Add your indoor workspace some deep rich colour with oxalis. It prefers to grow in light shade and moist, well- drained soil. According to the availability of light, the hardy plant will have more bright and vibrant foliage and flowers.


A garden home office is nothing without succulents and cacti. The living sculptures with its striking textures can transform your worst mood to soothing vision. The cute plants are to be provided with enough sunlight that is a minimum of six hours of full sun light. It needs proper watering and fertilizing. But there are some succulent varieties which can grow in rooms without windows.

According to which plants you prefer for your desk and shelves, you can set up your sitting and work space. It is good to place your plants in pots and keep it in corners of the room and desk. For a calm and catching display, a tiny bookshelf also helps, whereas hang bulbs with plants from the sides of shelves, window sill or ceiling will reduce the space limit.

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