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Top 10 Agri-Mobile Apps for 2022 That Are Helping Farmers Around the World!

Agriculture Professionals are continually coming up with new ideas to assist farmers cut costs, increasing yields, and profits while being extremely efficient. Agri Professionals do research to assist them in making informed crop management decisions that are both economically & environmentally sound.

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Farmer Using Agri-Mobile App
Farmer Using Agri-Mobile App

Agriculture Professionals are continually coming up with new ideas to assist farmers cut costs, increasing yields, and profits while being extremely efficient. Agri Professionals do research to assist them in making informed crop management decisions that are both economically & environmentally sound.

There is perhaps no better smart farming innovation than the mobile app.  A farming app can perform almost anything, from scanning fields & handling agronomic data to flying agricultural drones and making farm maps. So, in 2022, here are the Top 10 Agriculture Apps, that are fresh, ageless & tried-and-tested to get all your farming aspirations to come true in 2022.

Cattle Market Mobile

A simple way to see local cattle auction reports that are organized by state, as well as USDA cattle market information. A calf calculator and a gestation calculator are included in the "Useful Tools" section. This year, four new USDA commodities reports have been included.


The mobile app uses your phone's GPS to determine what sort of soil you're standing on and allows you to go further into USDA soil survey data.

The program provides you with nearly all of the information you need about your farm's soil, including soil type & taxonomy, land classification, hydraulic and flood ratings, organic content, and much more.

ID Weeds

Have you discovered a weed in your field that you can't identify? The University of Missouri's free ID Weeds app has been upgraded to make it more user-friendly. This agricultural mobile app offers information on over 430 weed species that can be found in Missouri's fields, pastures, lawns, gardens, and aquatic environments.

The program allows users to input plant features such as habitat, leaf type, flower color, root system, and other characteristics from drop-down menus, and the app will then identify the weed.

To assist limit down the options, each weed has thorough information and at least one photograph. Users can also search for weeds by their scientific or popular names, or select from an alphabetical list of all weeds in the app.


A free app is available to introduce you to the company's software and advisory services' superior farm management and prescription farming capabilities.

According to Shep Whitcomb, product marketing manager for FarmLogs, "you can rapidly map your field boundaries and gather historical and real-time details on each field, including rainfall data, soil maps, yield maps, and growth-stage estimates." "You may also remotely monitor plant development and crop performance by logging and sharing scouting notes, images, and activities from the field," he explains.


The agricultural mobile app, created in collaboration between AgriCharts & Successful Farming, provides a wealth of information, including commodities markets, news, and weather.

Local cash grain quotes and charts, breaking news from Successful Farming, live market commentary, and technical analysis are just a few of the highlights.


Although not exactly an agricultural app, it may be of interest to farmers who are weather lovers, desire more precise weather data on their phones, or have their own weather stations.

Its network of more than 180,000 personal weather stations provides "hyper-local" forecasts, radar, current conditions, and more. On the developers' page, new advancements are constantly reported: "We believe in showing you how the sausage is cooked."

AgriSync Inc.

AgriSync Inc. connects farmers and consultants on the farm, allowing them to communicate and resolve concerns. Farmers can use video to connect with several consultants from various companies to submit and receive support in real-time.

Advisors may handle several service requests using a dashboard and remote video to see what the farmer sees in real-time. The advisor's organization may observe open cases, resolution status, and farmer comments in real-time including feedback Web-based customer service dashboard.

GPS Area Measure

The software estimates the area on a map & provides correct information on the area, distance, angle, and volume. For example, while spraying, you may record the area that has been sprayed, allowing you to see exactly what has been treated and what hasn't, according to Blake Bennett, a Texas A&M extension economist to whom, this Agriculture App was recommended during a farmer meeting.

"If you stopped spraying in the field one day, the app would show you where you left off the next day when you returned to the task."


The agricultural app's creators Oklahoma State University describe it as a "quick and accurate green canopy cover assessment tool". It calculates the proportion of living green plant canopy cover for your crops and pastures, allowing you to track crop progress and make better management decisions. Last fall, new features were added, including the ability to upload photographs when wifi is available, as well as a page that displays the geographic position of your account's images.

Bean Cam

The Wisconsin Soybean Replant Calculator, which was first released in January 2016 and has since been updated, estimates soybean stands using the green light spectrum captured by your phone camera. “According to Kyle Stull, a Wisconsin-based agronomic, the Bean Cam app has taken a lot of the guesswork out of replanting selections.Once calibrated, you get a quick and accurate population, as well as a current stand yield estimate and a replanted stand yield estimate."

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