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Top 10 Farm Riddles For Your Kids To Keep Them Busy In A Knowledgeable Way!

In this article, we have shared the best funny, difficult & interesting riddles and brain teasers for your kids. You can use these riddles to keep your kids busy in an easy & knowledgeable way during their winter holidays.

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Top 10 Farm Riddles For Kids
Top 10 Farm Riddles For Kids

There isn’t anything like fun riddles & brain teasers to share with your kids! To let your kid, indulge in activity, we have come up with some exciting bunch of riddles. You can use these riddles to play with your kids, whenever they get bored in their online classes, you can play these riddles with them, whether they are funny riddles, difficult riddles or interesting brain teasers, the kids love solving riddles! 

Benefits of Riddles For Your Kids

When it comes to the riddles for kids, there are so many benefits that go further than the initial laugh! The laughter is good for the soul & when you are learning something laughter helps to motivate you a bit more. Riddles teaches the problem-solving skills, critical thinking, it expands the vocabulary, through riddles the kids share their knowledge, it creates bonds and establish a love for learning.

Here we have mentioned the bunch of our favorite riddles to share with your kids; -  

I grow in a field or on a foot. What am I? 


I'm an orange that grows on a farm and is used, but then thrown away. What am I? 

A Pumpkin.

Why did the farmer plant seed in his pond? 

He was trying to grow a Watermelon.

What do you get, when a turkey lays an egg on top of a barn? 

An Eggroll.

I am easy to waste, I am unstoppable. What am I? 


A farmer had a total of 17 sheep. All but 9 died. How many live sheep does he have left? 

If, all but 9 died, then there are 9 remaining live sheep.

I run all around the field/pasture but, never move. What am I? 

A Fence.

You can hear me & control me, but never see me or touch me. What am I? 

Your voice.  

A farmer once had a 752 sheep & took one shot that got them all. How did he do it? 

With a Camera.

What is the best thing to put into a cookie? 

Your Teeth.  

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