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Combine Harvester: Uses, Benefits, Prices and Top Companies Manufacturing It

A combine harvester is the most adaptable piece of farming machinery and plays a critical part in the harvesting process. All about it and its benefits are mentioned inside.

Chintu Das
Combine Harvester
Combine Harvester

A combine harvester is the most adaptable piece of farming machinery and plays a critical role in the harvesting process. Harvesting season is one of the most crucial times in the farming operations for farmers who cultivate grain crops on their farms, as the quality of harvesting determines the success of all their hard work. From cutting to sifting grains from chaff, it takes time, and doing it by hand can take days. The essential task is to collect grains without altering their quality, which must be done with extreme caution. 

Harvesting involves numerous phases, including reaping or cutting, threshing, and winnowing grains. Farmers used to gather grains by hand in the earlier days. Even today, some farmers in distant places and those with little resources perform all of these tasks manually or by hiring human labor. Others, on the other hand, utilize specific machinery for each process, such as a thresher and winnowing machines. 

The best agricultural machinery is a combine harvester, which allows large-scale producers and commercial farmers to acquire the best grain quality. Farmers in India are already employing multi-crop harvesters to harvest a variety of grain crops such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, and other grains. 

Uses and Benefits of Harvester

A harvester is a costly piece of farm machinery, and the cost of a combine harvester is typically higher than the cost of other agricultural machinery. The cost of a combine harvester in India varies depending on the requirements. Using a multi-crop harvester has numerous benefits, particularly for commercial and large-scale farmers, thus it is well worth the investment.

Learn about the advantages of utilizing a combine harvester or a multi-crop harvester in this article.

- Grain collected with a combine harvester is of higher quality than grain harvested by hand. Even the markets are willing to pay a premium for high-quality grains harvested by harvester machines. 

Modern Farming
Modern Farming

- Harvesting crops on time with a harvester machine protects them from natural disasters such as non-seasonal rains, hailstorms, and floods. 

- Farmers that cultivate grain crops on their fields should invest in a multi-crop harvester. 

- Harvesting is achievable even in bigger regions with ease and in a short amount of time. 

- The usage of a Combine Harvester saves farmers money on labour costs, which often rise during harvesting seasons. 

- Modern versions, which incorporate cutting-edge technology breakthroughs, have made it possible to handle fragile seeds more gently than previous ones, which were frequently crushed and destroyed. 

- Several types of interchangeable heads and combines make harvesting various types of crops more convenient, increasing output and making farming more profitable over time. 

Companies manufacturing Harvester

In India, there are a lot of companies that make combine harvesters. Some of them are listed below: 

- Eicher Motors 

- Sonalika International 

- Standard 

- Force Motors 

- Fieldking 

- Tafe 

- John Deere 

- Mahindra 

Price of Combine Harvesters

  • Kartar 3500 G - Min 22 Lakh and Max 24 Lakh

  • Kartar 4000 - Min 18.25 Lakh and Max 19.5 Lakh

  • Kubota DC-68G Harvesting - Min 20 and Max Lakh 22 Lakh

  • Mahindra Swaraj 8100 - Min 8.5 Lakh and Max 19.5 Lakh

Bottom Line: 

Farmers can employ new and advanced technology farm equipment while remaining safe in the fields as agricultural mechanization grows. A combine harvester is one of the most advanced agricultural machines available, saving time and ensuring farmer safety while harvesting in inclement weather. 

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