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Dutta Hatchery in Assam: Provides Hatching Services for Kadaknath, FFG, Layer & Other Chicken Breeds

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Bitupan and his birds

Bitupan Dutta is the owner of Dutta Hatchery in Assam. He lives in Hengrabari near Nabajyoti club in Guwahati. He has been in hatchery business for more than 13 years and released his video on FTB. 

When Bitupan started the hatchery business in Assam, it was not known to be a viable source  of income. It was not known to be a profitable business and there were not any precedent. It was assumed that there was no scope or future in hatcheries. Most of the people working in animal husbandry were working in dairies, pig farming or chicken farming. However these business were not successful as they were not able to find the right market for their products. It was felt that demand did not match their production. It was a difficult time for me and these farmers and our survival was at stake.  

 At that time quail birds were introduced to Assam. This type of poultry farming was believed to have some scope and I was one of the first few to start raising quails. Quail meat is beneficial in preventing cancer and controls sugar levels  in your body. It is protein rich and the eggs are usually of good quality. Slowly the quail business grew and many educated but unemployed persons started to think seriously about quail business. Though quails were popular initially but there is now not much demand for them and Bitupan started a hatchery for chicken eggs. 

Birds and eggs

Local Assamese chicken is expected to be extinct soon. The reason for this excessive consumption is modern lifestyle and modern technology. Having seen this demand in market Bitupan started his hatchery and chicken business. He provides these services and chicken at affordable prices and his chickens are of good quality.  

To market their products and to reach the wider market Bitupan has developed and maintained facebook and Google pages for Dutta Hatchery. Through this online presence he hopes that more people will learn about his business and those interested in purchasing will be able to contact him easily. He now has many customers who see his activities on Social Media and buy poultry products through this medium. He is happy with the response that his products are getting.  

Incubators in action

Currently he provides hatching services for Kadaknath, FFG, Layer and other varieties of chicken. They also hatch Quails and Turkey eggs. The birds are grown mainly for meat. They deliver these birds all over Assam, as per orders. Out of all the birds, he prefers to hatch Kadaknath variety of chickens, as these are higher in quality and fetch higher prices. Kadaknath is also known as black chicken in Assam, because its meat turns black on cooking, Bitupan mentioned. He continued that this meat increases immunity of the human body, controls cholesterol levels and the eggs of this bird are protein rich.  

He recommended chicken farming and hatcheries to unemployed persons and youth. He said unemployment has increased due to the pandemic and people who have lost jobs can earn some income on their own through the hatcheries business. He said people interested in education or consultancy can contact him (7676041546).  

He has trained many youngsters and people from all sections of the society. He recommended people who do not have regular income can grow these chicken and consume them. He said any body interested in hatching RIR or Kadaknath eggs can buy incubators from him. These incubators are of different hatching capabilities like 300, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2,000. You can find me on Google by searching for Angelica Incubator Workshop. Hatching the eggs yourself, with these incubators, will save you money as you will have no need to send your eggs to hatchery and you will have no need to buy chicks and you will save transport costs both ways. 

Fully grown chickens are available in the market for Rs. 550-700, somewhat on the higher side for average person interested in buying it. If we produce more chickens than demanded by the market, then prices of chicken will reduce and more people will be able to afford them. He said that they are a small group and cannot educate or develop hatcheries all over the state. He said youngsters from every village, every district of Assam should come forward, start such hatcheries and chicken farms and make the state self-sufficient. This business has a great future. He repeated that please contact him for any such information. Finally he thanked Krishi Jagran for giving him the opportunity to express himself on the FTB platform.   

Bitupan Dutta

Bitupan Dutta

Guwahati, Assam

Owner of Dutta Hatcheries

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