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Emon Hatcheries: Bringing Development and Education to North East

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Durlov Kumar Boruah uses the latest technology

Durlov Kumar Boruah is owner of the brand "Emon Hatchery" and released his video on FTB. He talks about how he manages his brand and the various tasks they perform. He started this brand 10 years ago. He aimed to work towards resolving farming issues and protect the environment. 

They provide chicken at reasonable price and offer hatching services. They even buy eggs which they hatch themselves. They believe in sustainable ecosystem. There are some common issues that all hatcheries and poultry farmers face. If you are not able to manage your business properly, it is because you are lacking knowledge, technology, experience and skills. Training courses and certification can help you with this. 

Another issue is diagnosis of diseases in livestock. The sooner you detect what your poultry is suffering from the better are your chances of saving them. They have software which can help you in diagnosis. You mention the type of animals that are suffering, the age, mortality, facial appearance and other details that are the symptoms that your flock is suffering from, in the software. In response, after analysis of the data, you get the disease your flock is suffering from, what is the reason for the disease and cure. This diagnosis facility is available on their website and for all animal husbandry animals but access is limited to members. If you have unhealthy birds or animals, you can contact Emon Hatchery for help. They also provide emergency services within 24 hours. They also provide  counseling services apart from diagnosis services. 

Chicks inside the hatchery

Third issue that all poultry farmers face is availability of market or lack of access to it. Sometimes you are ready with your product but there is no one to sell to, that can be very disappointing. As an organization, Emon, plans to provide a platform for these farmers to sell their products which will be mutually beneficial for the farmers and the company. Emon provides farmers with greater access to bigger markets.

Fourth issue is waste management. They provide knowledge, skills and technology to the farmers to manage their poultry waste. Waste management and value addition of Products go hand in hand, and will give you sustainable income. You will be able to generate income through waste management by reuse of the waste. 

Emon Hatcheries

Next issue you may face is food adulteration. Sometimes you may order something and get something else. Food adulteration can involve change in colour of what you buy. It is dangerous and can cause diseases like diabetes and cancer. Sometimes the meat you are served is of a sick animal which can lead to you getting sick. You should be careful about these purchases and buy certified products. In some cases chemicals are used for storage of food items which can be dangerous for your health. Impure food is adulterated food. As a farmer it's our responsibility to provide pure and clean food to consumers.

Something that Emon Hatchery believes in is gender equality in employment. They as responsible members of the society believe in tackling unemployment and malnutrition. They believe that all members of the society should have sustainable income source, which will only happen by giving back to the society and environment some part of what you earn. The company believes in assisting the society as much as they can in tackling these problems. The company sees agriculture as a source of income to remove unemployment and bring gender equality in the society. We can help in removing unemployment by giving training in poultry farming to unemployed youth and they can start their own poultry farms or hatcheries. For malnutrition we provide minerals, vitamin and protein rich food and that too at affordable prices. Our products are healthy and complete food.

The business models that they follow at Emon Hatchery are B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer). These two combine to form their complete business cycle. They start with procuring poultry eggs from a Business, as a Business (B2B). They process these eggs into birds ready for selling. These birds are sold by this Business to Customers (B2C).

The breeds of birds they supply are: Broiler Chicks, Emu Chicks, Guinea Fowl Chicks, Local Chicken Chicks, Pati Duck, Quail Chicks, RIR Chicks and Turkey Chicks. 

They have a number of schemes for their customers and people willing to work with them. These are IBA (Independent business associate), Hire & Purchase scheme, Debitor-Creditor scheme and Krishak-Bandhu scheme.

IBA gives our associates opportunity for higher income and commission. Once you become a member, depending on how you work, you membership can be renewed and you can even become lifetime member. Hire & Purchase scheme can be implemented with low investment in terms of time and money. You will be trained with excellent support and will learn to minimize errors. The scheme focuses on sales and marketing and you will be provided detailed analysis report. The benefits of Debitor-Creditor scheme are you get high returns on low investment. This is a short term investment and there are no market related risks. Your investment is secure and the interest rates are high. Under Krishak-Bandhu scheme we buy eggs from farmers for hatching. We visit their farm twice a month and provide free help with diagnosis. The farmers are provided free training and advice.

They sell their birds to restaurant, fast food chains, resorts, meat shops and individuals. At the moment they are serving in Assam and North-Eastern states. They can guide you on how to open your fast food franchise and meat franchise. They can guide you on how to work in meat shops and you will get good income. For more information please contact Emon Hatchery directly.

Durlov requests you to share and like his facebook page, which has the address: "https://m.facebook.com/emonhatcheries123/". You can share your valuable feedback and write comments about how we can improve or if you have any queries, please write to us. He said search for "Emon Hatchery" on Google and you will get their contact details and you can follow the directions on the Google map. You can also access "https://emonhatcheries.com/" for any and all details about them. You can search for "N4U Emon Hatchery" on YouTube and you will be guided to their YouTube videos which you can follow out of interest or for education. Their board line numbers in Assam are - 600-147-8510 and 912-734-1231.

Durlov Kumar Boruah

Durlov Kumar Boruah

Ghuwati, Assam

Emon hatchery

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