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Goat Rearing: What do goats graze on and how to grow goat fodder?

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Devidas Narayan Badal

Devidas Narayan Badal is a goat farmer from Maharashtra. He is owner of the brand "Shivneri Goat Farm and Seeds" and published his video on FTB. He starts with greeting his fellow farmers on Krishi Jagran. 

He started goat rearing in 2016 and within a few days realised that fodder planning is very important to grow healthy goats. The food that you give your goats is very important as it will improve the quality of your goats milk and improve their health. You must give your goats wholesome food rich in nutrients.  

He experimented with different seeds for different fodder, and planted Hadaga, Shevari, Subabul, Dasharath, Garlic grass among others. He is now a trader of these fodder plant seeds. He has supplied these seeds to more than 2,000 goat farmers to this date. You can collect the seeds directly from him or request for seed parcels to be posted to you. These seeds are sold at different rates as different growing techniques and investments are required for them. 

Goat fodder growing in farms

You can feed your goats different types of grass and grains. He teaches you what to feed your goats and how to feed your goats. To raise goats you need good water supply as goats need water regularly. A goat eating more usually gives more milk and grows bigger in size. Goats should be fed at right time and at regular intervals.  

He shows us the farms where he grows fodder for his goats. He discusses how to farm these plants and how to maintain them. He explains how useful feeding different type of fodder to goats can be. They use organic methods to grow these plants. Everything he has learnt he shares with his friends and is now sharing with us on FTB. He said it's best to grow your own fodder.  

Shevari plants growing in farm

He showed the seeds that he sells, which on sowing give good fodder plants - methi grass seeds, hadaga seeds gives lush trees, subabul seeds, shivari seeds the plants of which are the most common fodder for goats and describes how these seeds germinate  and how nutrient rich plants grow from these. 

And if goat rearing is to be successful, fodder planning must come together, he says.  He shares his  mobile number at the end (9691919160) for anyone interested in training or business opportunities.

Devidas Narayan Badal

Devidas Narayan Badal

Solapur, Maharashtra

Owner of Shivneri Goat Farm and Seeds

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