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Raising Pigs in Guwahati: Making Money and Educating People

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Brand KD Agro Farm

Mriganka Kumar Gogoi from Sonapur, Guwahati, Assam recently released his informational video on FTB. He is owner of the brand KD Agro farm, a Commercial Pig Breeding and Fattening Farm. He also provides training to novices interested in Pig farming. 

For people interested in starting a  pig farm Gogoi says "Even if you want to go commercial you need sound scientific knowledge". He said you need to have complete knowledge if you want to succeed. He said new generation should be made aware of the opportunities in animal husbandry. You need to be technical and have scientific know-how and work hard.  

You should build proper shelter for your pigs and piglets with proper feeding areas. The living areas of the pigs should be kept neat and clean. Pigs are given shelters  as per their size and role. For example a nursing mother is given separate shelter with her piglets.  

Buying piglets

Piglets  of Yorkshire, Hampshire and F1 breed are available at their farm. They have mentioned "exotic swine brands available" outside their pig farm.  At a time he has 40 to 60 pigs in his farm. They raise the pigs scientifically, from their birth till their sale. The pigs are fed well and kept in good conditions.  

He has researched about pig farming on internet and having gained knowledge has released his own videos about his pig farm on YouTube. In the videos he shows the pigs and piglets feeding or relaxing in the farm. He said buyers or interested students are welcome to see his farm.  

Gogoi teaching students

He said there are always problems and challenges in every business. Health of the pigs depends on the weather, which no one can predict. Hence you need to plan for your pigs on a daily basis. Other challenges include getting right price for your pigs, which depends on their quality and the trust of customers in you. You  have to separate your pigs for breeding or fattening. The breeding pigs give new piglets and the fattening pigs are fattened by restricting their movement and sold for their meat. To earn profit you have to manage your farm well. He said you will have to make some investment initially for construction of shelter and piglets and you will have to wait sometime before making profit. You will have recurring costs for feeding of the pigs. Assam has huge population and the government cannot always come in to help you, so we need to come forward and make efforts to improve the quality of our lives.  

He provides training to students interested in starting their own pig farms. He provides Training Sessions on Commercial Pig Farming. You can join and he will teach you what he has learnt through his experience and research. His poster pinned to the wall outside his farm reads "Traditional Programme on Commercial Pig farming". He also sells piglets of separate varieties which you can raise in your own farms. He believes that youngsters should start pig farms instead of applying for government jobs or wasting their time.  

He always needed a platform where he can sell his products, be it offline markets or online sales. He also sells pork, breeding tools and other things related to pig farming from livestock segment. Quality of pigs is very important in this business and higher quality pigs will give you big profits.  

Brand is also an equally important parameter. Your success is dependent on the branding you do for your product. You must maintain quality products to make your brand grow. Once your brand develops, your sales will automatically grow. The growth will be slow initially but will increases gradually. To initiate a new thing, you should have proper knowledge about all the processes which will help you in achieving success. Once you have developed a brand, nothing will obstruct your growth. But it takes time in years to build a brand.  

For more details, interested persons can contact him via "KD AGRO FARM" Facebook page. His phone no is 7086032407. You can also reach him at the address- Opposite Rajdhani Public School, Sonapur, Guwahati, Assam 782402.  

Mriganka Kumar Gogoi

Mriganka Kumar Gogoi

Kamrup Matro, Assam

K.D Agro Farm

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