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Success Story of Swarajya Fisheries: Know How Fisheries can be a Profitable Business

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Bhagyesh at Fishery

The brand Swarajya fisheries was started recently by Bhagyesh Dinesh Kshirsagar. He is pursuing graduation in Fisheries and is in the final year. Bhagyesh has published his video on FTB, detailing what his brand Swarajya stands for and does. 

He started his fishery during the lockdown period last year. Since he did not have to attend classes physically (he was taught online), he had lots of spare time and he decided to spend his time productively by starting his brand and also implementing practically what he had learnt in his course. The name Swarajya means "own state" or "self rule", and this term was coined by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Bhagyesh hopes this inspiring  name will inspire others like him. 

Fish is part of diet for populations across the globe, mostly due to its benefits. Fish are full of omega-3 fatty acids and are protein rich. They are vitamin rich (D & B2)  and rich in minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, iodine). Fish are easy to digest and are fit for consumption for people of all age groups. Fish as a food have higher protein than chicken and can heal you from diabetes. 

Bhagyesh with workers

Fisheries are not a difficult business  but you need proper education and training before you can start one. For technical knowledge and education you can see YouTube videos. These give good guidance. You need to persevere and need to make consistent efforts to make your fishery a success. Bhagyesh recommends fisheries as a great career option to the youths of Maharashtra. The more technically qualified you are the better you will be able to manage your fishery.    

Swarajya Fisheries

Type of nursery pond, its size, its shape, water supply,  type of pipe for water supply, quality of water, type of fish to raise, fish food are few of the many factors you will need to consider before you start a fishery.  The depth of the pond is very important for fish farming.  Initially   rectangular shaped moulds are made and fish seeds are left in it.  And as the fish grow, they are released into the pond where they get a little bigger.  This helps in reducing loss of fish due to fish mortality rate. Bhagyesh is more than willing to help people in his locality with any questions they may have about fisheries. He can assist them in setting fisheries and provide training.

Fisheries is a good career. You can start from zero rupees and can go on to earn Lacs per month. This will give employment to people in your locality. You can export fishes after excess production. There is a good future in this business. It's easy to sell fishes, and that too at good rates because of high demands for all types of fish.  

Bhagyesh Dinesh Kshirsagar

Bhagyesh Dinesh Kshirsagar

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Swarajya Fisheries

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