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5 Air Purifying Indoor Plants that Require Low light

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Hanging Plant

When we think about pollution, we usually think of common outdoor pollutants like smog, vehicle exhausts and power plants. However, there are many more air contaminants that impact us directly inside our houses, and many of us are unaware of them!

Many of these air pollutants irritate or induce health problems including asthma and other respiratory ailments such as coughing, wheezing or difficulty in breathing. This is where air purifying indoor plants prove to be very beneficial.

Many air purifying plants can thrive inside, are low-maintenance, and can withstand low light levels. Check out the list below!

Boston Fern

• It removes xylene, formaldehyde and toluene from the air

• Grows in moderate, indirect sunlight and high humidity

• On a pedestal or atop a shelf, it's perfect for a hanging basket or planter.

More formaldehyde is removed by Boston ferns than by any other plant. They also filter pollutants from vehicle exhaust that may enter a home from outside. It's a good idea to maintain extra humidity for Boston ferns while growing them inside, especially during the winters. Running an air humidifier or placing a tray with water and stones nearby might help to increase humidity.

Spider Plant

• Removes xylene, formaldehyde and toluene from the air

• Grows in moderate and indirect sunlight and cold temperature

• This is an excellent houseplant for propagation

This plant prefers indirect light and requires little care. The Spider Plant is tolerant of a wide range of living circumstances, making it an excellent beginning plant for beginners. It is also extremely easy to cultivate. Simply ensure that the soil is dry between watering.


• Removes formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and xylene from the air.

• Grows in moderate to low indirect sunlight.

• It's known as "the cubicle plant" because of its propensity to thrive in less-than-ideal conditions.

This popular houseplant, commonly known as Devil's Ivy or Golden Pothos, is popular since it not only looks nice for home decor but is also easy to care for. It comes in elegant hanging baskets and has evergreen vines and tiny green heart-shaped leaves with yellowish-white colours.

If you have pets, just be cautious. If your dog or cat eats it, it might cause vomiting and other health problems.

Chinese evergreen

• Removes formaldehyde and benzene from the air

• Grows in low and indirect light

• Available in a variety of aesthetically attractive colors and patterns.

One of the finest plants for individuals who are "too busy" to keep an eye on their plants is the Chinese evergreen. They are easy to grow, beginner-friendly, and can withstand a variety of indoor environments.

Chinese evergreens are among the most effective plants at removing pollutants from contaminated indoor air, such as formaldehyde. It's also a lovely plant, with lush green foliage in a range of silvery, white, or scarlet hues depending on the variety you choose.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

• It removes formaldehyde from the air.

• Grows in normal to low indirect light.

• Philodendron is a trailing plant with heart-shaped leaves that grows quickly

A climbing vine, also known as parlour ivy or sweet heart vine, is a low-maintenance plant that thrives in indirect sunlight and requires little care. If you adopt this little plant, it will produce lovely vines that will hang gracefully. Because this plant is considered "toxic," keep it away from pets and kids.

Isn't that an amazing collection of houseplants for indoors? Having these air purifying indoor plants in our homes may improve our health in a variety of ways.

Not only are these plants beneficial to our health, but their brilliant colors and textures also assist to liven up your home. They're lovely home décor elements that may give your house a new perspective on life and improve your health!

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