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5 Flowers for Glowing Skin and Stronger Hair; Know How to Use

These flowers will make the skin glowing and hair shiny. Many skin problems are also removed by applying these flowers to the skin. Let us know about 5 such flowers, which are very beneficial for skin and hair.

Sandeep Kr Tiwari
All these flowers are very beneficial for skin and hair and they can be used regularly on skin.
All these flowers are very beneficial for skin and hair and they can be used regularly on skin.

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but they can also help you to look beautiful. There are many flowers that are beneficial for skin as well as hair. Therefore, instead of using chemical-based products on the skin and hair, you must use these natural flowers. They will make your skin glowing and your hair shining.

Moreover, many skin problems can be removed by just using these flowers. In this article, we will talk about 5 such flowers that will enhance your skin and hair.

Beneficial Flowers for Skin & Hair


You can make a face pack with rose petals and rose water is also very beneficial for the skin. It is used to enhance beauty, moisturize the skin, and help in making the skin glowing and oil-free. Rose water can be applied by spraying it on a face mask. At the same time, apply it to hair, pluck the rose petals and boil them in water for some time. Now use this water while washing your hair. This will keep the hair shiny and fragrant throughout the day.


Lavender flowers are known to remove blemishes and signs of aging from the skin. Lavender oil can also help relieve hair problems. its regular use on the skin gets rid of the problem of itching and dryness. Lavender can be used on the skin through serum, oil, and face wash.


Hibiscus is very beneficial for skin and hair. To apply hibiscus flower on the skin, it can be mixed in a face mask and it can be used as a toner. Hibiscus flower helps in making the skin glowing and removes pimples and spots from the skin. To use the flowers of hibiscus on the hair, the extract can be applied by mixing its powder in shampoo. Applying hibiscus to the hair gets rid of the problem of hairlessness and premature graying of hair.


Camellia flower moisturizes the skin and makes the skin glow. This flower removes problems like pigmentation, dryness, and pimples from the skin. Its flowers can be used as a toner, serum, and moisturizer on the skin. To apply these flowers to the hair, dry these flowers and make powder and mix them with a hair mask.


To use calendula on the skin, make a paste by grinding its petals or use it on the skin by making a toner of calendula. Its use will provide relief from blemishes, itching, and allergies on the skin. You can make calendula oil by heating calendula flowers in olive oil or coconut oil. Massage the hair with this oil or apply it to the skin as a moisturizer. This oil will help in hair growth and make the skin smooth.


All these flowers are very beneficial for skin and hair. They can be used regularly on the skin. But keep in mind that before applying on the face, do a patch test. If there is any allergy on the face, then use them only after talking to the doctor.

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