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8 Food Items That You Must Avoid, According to Dietician

In an exclusive interaction with the Krishi Jagran team, Diabetes educator and Dietician of Sitaram Bhartia Institute of science and research, Mahima Raniwal, revealed several food items that one should avoid. Read the full article to know all the food items that you should avoid in your diet.

Kritika Madhukar
Fresh fruit juice we consume contains a lot of sugar
Fresh fruit juice we consume contains a lot of sugar

Food provides energy to our bodies. Our diet gives our bodies the energy and nutrition they require to perform efficiently. However, we frequently eat food for satiation rather than for its health advantages. 

This need for fulfillment has exposed us to a wide variety of harmful meals. Many of the foods we eat on a regular basis provide little to no nutritional value and may even harm our health. This article discusses a list of items that you should eliminate from your diet immediately.

Food Items to Avoid, According to Expert

Enlisted is the list of items that you should avoid incorporating into your diet, according to Diabetes educator and Dietician of Sitaram Bhartia Institute of science and research, Mahima Raniwal. 

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits and nuts are frequently consumed together and are classified as belonging to the same food category. Dried fruits, on the other hand, are incredibly harmful. While nuts are nutritious and a terrific supplement to our diet, dried fruits are extremely unhealthy. These food items are low in nutrition and high in sugar.

Fresh Fruit Juices

This may come as a surprise to many. Although fresh fruit juices are a far superior option to processed and fruit-flavored 'fruit' drinks, they are nevertheless nutritionally deficient. 

Fresh fruit juice we consume contains a lot of sugar and has very low to no fiber. By choosing juice over raw fruits, we miss out on a lot of healthy fiber. The fiber helps in the proper functioning of our digestive system and even controls sugar levels in our body.

White Sugar 

White sugar is the most unhealthy thing we are consuming nowadays it has zero nutritional value and only increases the calorie intake in our diet.

Baked Food Items

Baked foods can be categorized as unhealthy or healthy based on what you are consuming. However, store-bought baked foods go through long processes to make them shelf-friendly. They are very high in corn syrup, sugar, trans fats, and other preservatives that are harmful to our bodies. 

White Bread

White bread needs to be removed from your diet as white bread is prepared from refined flour and therefore has a high Glycemic Index (GI), which spikes our blood sugar levels.


Ketchup i.e, tomato-based sauce, is high in sugar, sodium, and various preservatives that are harmful to our health. Ketchup may cause obesity, diabetes, hypertension & other diseases.

Cereals With Cold Milk

Cereals in cold milk are one of the most common and popular breakfast foods. These cereals are high in sugar and preservatives. According to studies, your breakfast must be protein-rich and cereals don't provide enough protein our breakfast should be rich in protein and fiber.

Flavored Yogurts

Flavored yogurt is processed. It has sugars and preservatives in it. These sugars, flavoring, and preservatives are unhealthy and lower yogurt's nutritional value.

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