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Coronavirus: Vitamin D could Prevent COVID-19 or Give a Survival Advantage to Patients?

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Why vitamin D is important? 

Vitamin D is produced when the sun rays reaches and hits your skin. So sun is the primary and natural source of vitamin D. It has many other benefits such as bone health. It is also present is some foods and supplements. Vitamin D plays an essential role in boosting your immune system also. It is helpful in fighting many diseases and conditions like Depression, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Diabetes and the list goes on.  

Why everyone is connecting vitamin D to Coronavirus? 

A new research and data observation suggests that low levels of vitamin D can increase the mortality risk in COVID-19 cases. These type of cases were significant in Europe. Researchers observed that countries like Italy and Spain have more cases and deaths due to coronavirus as compared to northern European countries. The vitamin D level in people of northern European countries is much more than southern European countries.  

What do experts say about this? 

According to experts, healthy blood levels of vitamin D could help in preventing overproduction of cytokine. Its overproduction causes immune system to overreact and attack body's own cells and tissues. But the early research is not yet peer-reviewed, and other experts say scientific proof is lacking that vitamin D could prevent COVID-19 or make the infection milder. 

Some have the opinion that everyone should take the vitamin as a precaution as it has many other benefits.  

While the researches on linking Vitamin D and COVID-19 are on premature level, other old researches on the vitamin states that it can help in reducing the risk of respiratory infections. In the cases of Coronavirus, it’s not yet stated that restoring vitamin D to normal levels would help as a treatment. 

What levels of vitamin D are healthy? 

The Institute of Medicine recommends children under age 1 year take in 400 international units (IUs) of vitamin D daily, and people ages 1 year to 70 years take in 600 IUs. People over age 70 should get 800 IUs a day. 

Signs of low vitamin D and how to cure it 

The main signs that your body gives to you are Hair fall, Fatigue and tiredness, muscle pain, weak bones, getting sick frequently. You should look out for these common signs as the lack in vitamin D levels could be the problem.  

For improving the levels you should add vitamin D rich foods in your diet such as cheese, yogurt, spinach, eggs and egg yolks, soy products. Supplements are also good and easy sources that can help in maintaining healthy levels. Expose yourself to sun for just 10 minutes at morning or evening time. Avoid sunlight at noon. Make it a daily ritual to sun bathe just for minimum 10 minutes. 

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