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Drink Milk at this Time to Get More Health Benefits

Prity Barman
Prity Barman

Milk is the most nutrient rich liquid food produced by various mammals. It contains many other minerals which are required for the growth purposes. One of the important compounds is the colostrums which is present mostly during the early lactation period of a mammal.

The colostrums provide the new born infants with the mother’s antibodies and other important growth factors which help the infants to cope up with diseases as well for their healthy growth.

In India milk has been an important food item which is consumed by the country’s people in more than thousands of gallons each day. As per the recent sources India has even become the most milk consuming nation in the world.

The dairy industry therefore has flourished vastly not only just in India but also in other parts of nations like the native company of Amul has now spread its roots to several other international markets too.

In the Indian diet milk is considered to be as a complete food as it comprises all the essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B1, B2, B12 and D also potassium and magnesium.

Indian food dishes have many recipes which includes milk like sweets made up of milk, various drinks like lassi (Indian Buttermilk) and many more other savoury dishes too.

In Ayurvedic science milk holds a special importance for its properties of improving digestion as well as the other health benefits which it provides to the human body. According to Ayurveda milk should be known to be drinked properly so that one can take up maximum health benefits from the same. For example Ayurveda despise the idea of drinking milk as milkshakes or smoothies.

There’s a reason for the same when we mix any fruit especially bananas would cause the change in the acidic level inside our stomach and hence cause several gastric problems inside our stomach.

Similarly there is particular time recommended by Ayurveda for consuming milk. According to Ayurvedic doctors and professionals milk is best digested at night. This is because it is believed that on consuming milk at night it promotes Ojas (a state in Ayurveda where the body can achieve proper digestion). It also provides one with immense beauty benefits also. As per sources milk when consumed at night helps the maximum absorption of calcium as the body remains at rest therefore the calcium intake also increases in the body.

Milk is best consumed as it is without any substitute which is available in the market. However, drinking milk with turmeric and other spices also provides with additional medicinal benefits. For example for better eyesight one can consume milk with triphala, milk when consumed with turmeric boost immunity as well as acts as a great pain reliever.

There’s certainly no particular time where milk might cause much harm but certainly milk is not considered to be consumed in the morning as it becomes heavy which makes it less digestible therefore causing enough stomach problems.

Certainly having milk with salty food items like namkeen and butters should also be avoided as it makes the stomach heavier and causes bloating problems.

These are the reasons why milk is best preferred to be consumed at night so that all its good properties could be utilised by our body properly.

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