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Drinking Warm Water With Honey Can Be Dangerous; Here’s Why

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Mixing Honey in Water

Since ancient times, honey has been used in both foods & medicinal purposes. It’s often said to begin the day with a glass of warm water & honey improves digestion, helps in weight loss, treats cold, and protects us from allergies. It also strengthens our immune system

Honey is rich in antioxidants and is a good alternative to refined sugar as it contains iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and zinc. etc and considered safe for diabetes patients. 

Reason Explained:

Dr. Rekha Radhamony, an Ayurveda expert had recently posted on Instagram that heated honey leads to various ailments, by increasing toxicity in our bodies.

She explains, during the processes of detoxification honey doesn’t enter the internal digestive systems. She further advises that honey when consumed warm can cause toxicity, which taken over a long period of time can be dangerous to our health.  

However, it’s usual for people to mix honey with their lemon tea, herbal tea, or glass of warm milk. But Ayurvedic practices don’t advise the use of honey in any heated form. Therefore, one should not take heated honey directly or mixed with warm milk, warm lemon water, warm water, or tea.

Dr. Radhamony says, “Ayurveda cautioned that warm honey is a slow poison that causes “ama” or “toxicity” in the body and its properties turn to that of a poison once inside the body. Ama is a stage where the mucous and toxicity of the body increases leading to many diseases”.

For nutritional purposes, honey is best consumed in its raw and natural form whereas pasteurized honey available in stores has adulterated with corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners which can be dangerous for diabetes patients. It also doesn’t have antioxidants, pollen, and enzymes that are always present in Natural Honey.

She further suggests, “All honey available in supermarkets are heated to extreme temperatures and packaged. Don’t purchase honey from stores. Buy honey from people who sell raw honey directly from the bees. Have it Natural, not heated!”

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