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Home-Made Remedy Ingredients for Common Cold

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
Pepper Is Well Known For Its Antibacterial Properties That Help Relieve Cold.

With the onset of winter, many of us are facing a very common sickness named “Common cold” which we generally disregard as nothing until the irritation of having to blow your nose every other second finally sets in. Listed below are a few homemade remedies for the common cold that will save you from a trip to the doctor. 


Jaggery or Gur is high in ironvitamin Cproteinmagnesium, and potassium, and should be included in everyone's diet, especially when it's winter. Winters, as we all know, may exacerbate or cause a variety of health issues such as asthma, allergies, colds, and flu. Making jaggery a regular part of your diet will help strengthen your immunity and lower your chances of respiratory difficulties, throat problems, and digestive problems.

It is also well known for regulating body temperature. The warming action of jaggery has been demonstrated to make it an outstanding sweet that is particularly helpful against seasonal cough and cold. 


Antibacterial properties of black pepper aid in the treatment of coughs and colds. Adding a sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper or a teaspoon of honey to your cup of tea makes it a wonderful cough and cold treatment. It can aid in the relief of chest congestion, the flu, or a viral illness.

In Fact, the Antibacterial properties of Pepper are so strong that according to a study conducted in 2016 titled Antibacterial Activity and Mechanism of Action of Black Pepper Essential Oil on Meat-Borne Escherichia coli which was published in the Journal called frontiers in microbiology Pepper essential oil was very effective against dealing with meat borne Bacteria E.coli. So just mix up that pepper with a bit of honey to get rid of your common cold in a jiffy. 


Although Honey can’t cure a common cold alone if mixed well with pepper and jaggery it surely can do it apart from this it may relieve certain common cold symptoms. Research has shown that honey might be used to relieve coughs. It may also be a soothing addition to warm drinks for a sore throat.

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