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How to Boost Stamina Naturally during COVID-19?

Pritam Kashyap
Pritam Kashyap

Stamina is the strength and energy that allow you to sustain the physical or mental effort for long periods. Increasing your stamina helps you endure discomfort or stress when you’re doing an activity. It also reduces fatigue and exhaustion. Having high stamina allows you to perform your daily activities at a higher level while using less energy. COVID-19 has made us stay at home and they are some of the most trending words since the last three months on social media platforms. The ongoing corona pandemic has made severe changes to our lifestyle, thereby, indirectly affecting our physical and psychological well-being. We moved from working from the office to our home desks, from dining at restaurants to just eating at home, from hitting the gym daily to performing daily household chores and our lives are rewired and our movements are restricted. So how can we boost our stamina naturally? 

Here are easy ways to boost your stamina naturally at home: 

Exercise, Exercise and Exercise  

Exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you’re feeling low on energy, but consistent exercise will help build your stamina. Sometimes exercising indoors is your only option, but it doesn't have to be boring. Keep workouts interesting with these ideas. Don’t do over-exercise.  

Drink Lots of Water 

One must take adequate fluids, and a plain glass of water is the best option to keep you away from summer dehydration leaves us exhausted. But if just having water is monotonous, you can have Fresh Lemon Water/Lemonade, Coconut Water, Fresh Iced Tea, Jaljeera or Aam Panna without sugar or with the minimum amount of sugar. Bael sherbet is another amazing drink that you can try.  

Eat at Proper Times 

Set your meal timings and stick to them keeping a leeway of 30 minutes up or down. Eating at regular hours means the energy levels remain steady and don't sway from highs to lows. This will help your body rhythm settle down; it will balance out the hormones, keeping you energised. 

Yoga and meditation 

Yoga and meditation can greatly increase your stamina and ability to handle stress. 

Avoid caffeine  

Caffeine may give you a boost on days you are feeling too tired to exercise. Try not to rely on caffeine too much, since you can build up a tolerance. You should also stay away from caffeine sources that have a lot of sugar or artificial flavourings. 

Can add on Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha is an herb that is used for overall health and vitality. It can also be used to boost cognitive function and to reduce stress. Ashwagandha is also shown to boost energy levels. 

Eat Nutrient-Rich Food 

Nutrient-rich food adds health while processed and refined foods add empty calories leaving you without energy and feeling low. Fermented foods add good bacteria that keep our gut healthy and the absorption of nutrients efficient. 

Include Nuts and Seeds in your Food 

Nuts/Seeds add healthy fats, fibre, protein and most importantly, antioxidants, which are known to clean up the free radicals from our system. They are great for boosting immunity too. 

Stay safe, Stay healthy and Boost your Immunity! 

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