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Incredible Health Benefits of Blue Tea

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni

Understanding the importance of Ayurveda, and a healthy life choice, people have started preferring herbal teas over other drinks, and one of the most important fact about these teas is that they are caffeine-free, and gives numerous health benefits. Actually these teas are not new, people have been drinking them for the ages, but somehow people have forgotten about them. Thanks to the blog writers that they have again started raising awareness about herbal teas and their amazing health benefits.

And one such tea is Blue tea. Blue tea is prepared with butterfly pea flowers (called Aparajita in hindi). It can be prepared either with fresh Aparajita flowers or dried ones.

Health Benefits of Blue Tea

Though the list is very long, here are the most common health benefits of butterfly pea flower tea/ blue tea-


Yes! This is the first health benefit of blue tea. In the busy modern lifestyle, stress is common. And with a cup of blue tea a day, you can feel relaxed and stress-free. The earthy flavor of this tea can enhance your mood, and make you feel refreshed.

Improves Brain Health

As per the studies, blue tea increases the level of chemical called acetycholine in the brain, which is essential for good brain health. It also cures age-associated memory loss.

Skin Health

Blue tea is also known to improve skin health. It contains flavonoids that stimulate collagen production, fights ageing, and improves the elasticity of skin and makes it healthier.

Pain Reliever

An anti-inflammatory property of blue tea helps to reduce the swelling in the body, and also work as a pain-reliever and reduces headaches, body pain, etc.

Weight Loss

If you are trying to reduce the weight and doing regular workout, then adding a cup of blue tea can accelerate the process. It helps to improve the gut health by removing impurities and waste. Also, aids in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Hair Growth

Blue tea contains a compound that increases blood circulation in head- anthocyanin. It helps to reduce the scalp and hair-related problems, and also stimulates hair growth.

Apart from all these benefits, antioxidants in blue tea are also good for the health and blue tea also helps to fight cancer symptoms. There isn’t any known side-effect of blue tea, but overconsumption can be harmful. And pregnant women must consult with doctors before consumption.

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