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Uses and Benefits of Vetiver (Khus)

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon

Vetiver or Khus is a climate friendly crop. Its cultivation method is mainly dependent on the rainfall. Its branches can be planted in the month of June-August and harvested in December-February. Before starting its cultivation, it is important to choose a place with good sun exposure. In addition, new stems formed on the bottom of the plant should be selected for new seedling production.

Vetiver Varieties

Sugandha, Dharini, KS-1 and KS-2 are the major varieties grown in Vetiver. This herbaceous plant grows to a height of about two meters. This plant is effective in preventing soil erosion as its roots penetrate deep into the soil. It can also retain surface water. Farmers often see this as an effective way to prevent soil erosion. The medicinal part is the root of Vetiver. It is used to keep the body cool and as a remedy for skin diseases.

Applying the oil from the root of Vetiver on the body gives a refreshing and cooling effect to our body. Traditional healers in India use it as a remedy for severe abdominal pain, vomiting and gout. After the oil is extracted, the roots are used to make beds, and curtains. It is also used to build the roofs of small houses and to make handicrafts using their long grasses especially in South India.

Vetiver Grass Root

Health Benefits of Vetiver water

Drinking vetiver water provides many health benefits to the body.

  • In addition to being an antidote, this water is good for removing toxins from our body and for purifying the blood.

  • Drinking this water eliminates digestive problems and improves the metabolic process.

  • It has anti-oxidant properties and enhances immunity.

  • Drinking and steaming water is very beneficial for fever and respiratory ailments.

  • Vetiver water can be used to improve heart health and control blood pressure.

Other benefits of Vetiver

  • Applying the oil extracted from Vetiver on the body eliminates body odor.

  • Vetiver root mixed with turmeric and applied on the skin can eliminate skin ailments and cure excessive sweating and odor.

  • A bed made of its roots is ideal for people with back pain.

  • Vetiver is also used as an important ingredient in the manufacture of lotions and various soaps. From all this you can know about its medicinal value and its market position.

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