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What is 'magical' about Lemon?

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

Lemon is a fruit that is familiar to everyone. This perfectly edible fruit is one that is full of many medicinal properties. Lemon is also an indispensable vegetable in the kitchen of Malayalees. It is found in abundance in countries like India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It also grows in warmer climates in countries such as the United States, Florida, California, and Italy.

Lemon tea, lemon rice and lemon juice are some of the most popular foods related to lemon. Lemon is also used in dal curry and soups. You also need lemon to make a salad.

Lemon is known as a storehouse of nutrients. This product is rich in Vitamin C. It is therefore very good to include it in the diet for immunity. It contains folate which is essential for fertility. In addition, potassium, which the body needs, gets into the body if used regularly.

Through drinks such as lemon tea, the body receives citric acid, which cleanses the liver. If you drink lemon tea after a meal, it improves the digestive process. This is because of the antioxidants it contains. The ingredients in lemon work as a medicine for skin diseases. It eliminates eczema and pimples and keeps the skin healthy.


Lemon is good for removing dead cells from the face and making the face radiant. Regular inclusion of lemon in the diet is very good for heart health. The ability of lemon to lower cholesterol has already been proven. This fruit can also prevent paralysis.

Just drink a glass of lemon tea to get relief from migraine. Lemon and its leaf juice can stimulate the activity of the pancreas. That way the blood sugar will be under control. It has the ability to eliminate depression and reduce anxiety disorder.

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