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Ambuja Cement Foundation’s Plantation Drive Underway In The Better Cotton Project Villages

The Company has planted a total of 9,37,183 trees so far. It has implemented plantation drive in its 648 project villages.

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Ambuja Cement Foundation’s Plantation Drive
Ambuja Cement Foundation’s Plantation Drive

Ambuja Cement Foundation (ACF), the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Ambuja Cements Limited, has implemented a plantation drive in its Better Cotton project villages at Chandrapur for development of community and enrichment of nature. The Foundation is working with farmer’s community in four different locations namely Upparwahi, Warora, Hingna, Jiwati.  

Company Implemented 648 Project Villages

The Company has implemented plantation drive in its 648 project villages of 15 Producer Units with about 65,000 farmers, considering the importance of protecting and enhancing the biodiversity.

Planting trees is considered an ideal way to support Mother Nature as this will resolve the issue of higher temperatures that reduce yields of desirable crops while encouraging weed and pest proliferation. Forest conservation & plantation is necessary as it can also adjust precipitation patterns for better.

At present, the Company has planted a total of 9,37,183 trees. Several government departments, NGOs, private sectors, volunteers etc. have come forward to achieve the same within the project villages. 

Neeraj Akhoury, CEO India Holcim and MD & CEO of Ambuja Cements Ltd. said, “We are proud of our CSR efforts enabled the success of the tree planting campaign. The plantation drive will enhance the biodiversity in project villages. This initiative has strengthened our commitment towards Mother Nature and community development.”

Company Has Come-up With New & Innovative Idea of Dense Forest

The Company’s development strategy involves engaging SHGs, school committees, village youth groups, govt. organizations and NGOs. And inspite of various challenges including COVID-19, these institutions came together and were able to plant so many trees.

Pearl Tiwari, Director & CEO, Ambuja Cement Foundation said, “In spite of several challenges we implemented the tree plantation program.

We have even come up with a new and innovative idea of Dense Forest (Oxygen Park) in the two villages of Hirapur and Mangi, which will give the land a natural dense forest look consisting of trees, shrubs and orchards.” The Company is looking forward to contribute small steps towards a better tomorrow as Mother Nature needs to be conserved for a sustainable future.  

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