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BigHaat Launches Tamil App to Provide Personalised Advice to TN Farmers

The BigHaat app also functions as a "farmer's community platform," allowing farmers to interact with one another and democratize knowledge.

Shivam Dwivedi
Mobile App
Mobile App

BigHaat, a leading digital Agri platform, today announced the launch of its Tamil mobile application, which will provide personalized advice to the state's farming community by leveraging data, technology, and crop science. According to a press release from the Agri start-up, agriculture provides a living for 70% of Tamil Nadu's rural population. According to the 10th Agricultural Census conducted by the Centre, the state has 79.38 lakh landholders cultivating an area of 59.71 lakh hectares.

"Farmers in the state are relatively more open to new technologies." BigHaat App was created to provide farmers with enriched data for better decision making, thereby meeting their crop's pre-harvest to post-harvest needs. In a press release, Sachin Nandwana, Co-Founder and Director of BigHaat, stated, "The app provides quality and on-time inputs to reduce crop damage and improve yields and crop quality."

He went on to say that the app will give farmers a personalized experience throughout the crop's lifecycle and that they will be able to access holistic content in Tamil for all of their farming needs.

The BigHaat app also functions as a "farmer's community platform," allowing farmers to interact with one another and democratize knowledge.

According to the company, the user interface is simple and assists farmers by enabling crop configuration and profiling based on acreage, geolocation, and soil type. It also provides end-to-end crop advisory in Tamil and an AI-based real-time risk mitigation solution.

Farmers can access the platform's benefits by downloading the app from the Google Play Store.

About BigHaat:

With data-driven business intelligence, BigHaat Technology Platform is driving efficiencies for Agri Inputs manufacturers in distribution, marketing, and operations. Our data strategy enables various Agri value chain stakeholders to collaborate and create an end-to-end ecosystem for the farming community, thereby driving sustainable agriculture.

It has an impact on millions of farmers across the country by providing access to a wide range of high-quality inputs, end-to-end crop guidance, and market linkages for a variety of commodities, thus providing a 360-degree solution to farmers in a very unique way.

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