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GPS Renewables Launches ‘ARYA’, a Platform for Climate-Positive Projects

GPS Renewables (GPSR), a Bengaluru-based bioenergy technology firm, has launched ARYA, a climate infrastructure platform focused on sustainable biofuels and industrial decarbonization projects. Founded with an aim to help India achieve its Net Zero target, Arya will incubate, develop, and operate climate-positive projects, with GPS Renewables as the execution partner.

Shivam Dwivedi
Using non-basmati paddy straw as a source for biofuel will reduce the stubble burning
Using non-basmati paddy straw as a source for biofuel will reduce the stubble burning

India is the third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide globally despite having low per-capita emissions. A report by McKinsey Sustainability indicates that six industries—power, steel, automotive, aviation, cement, and agriculture—are responsible for the majority (about 70%) of these emissions. At COP26, India pledged to meet 50% of its energy needs from non-fossil sources and set a goal of reaching Net Zero by 2070. In order to meet this goal, environmental projects need to be prioritised and accelerated.

GPSR Arya will also prioritise projects that focus on managing stubble by using it as biofuel. Every year, Punjab and Haryana generate 27 million tonnes of paddy straw of which 75% is non-basmati variety. This majority straw is rich in silica and not suitable for cattle feed and this is a primary driver for stubble burning.

For the last several years, stubble burning has been one of the primary reasons for air pollution in Delhi and surrounding areas. Using non-basmati paddy straw as a source for biofuel will reduce the stubble burning and encourage its use as a valuable resource.

Commenting on the new launch, Mohit Gupta, COO of GPSR Arya said, “There is an urgent need to reduce India’s dependence on oil imports, and biofuels can play a significant role in this effort. At GPS Renewables, we are focused on building solutions that can accelerate climate-positive projects. GPSR Arya is a step in that direction.”

“Arya will invest in projects which have a clear GHG mitigation potential. For the first set of projects under execution, we are setting up two Paddy Straw to CBG (compressed biogas) plants in the state of Haryana. We plan to introduce many more similar initiatives that can help India transition towards net zero emissions”

Nipun OS, Chief Sustainability Officer, GPS Renewables, said, “Corporate clients and industries are working on their decarbonisation plans but they need a credible partner with climate technology capability in assisting them to choose the right emission mitigation strategies to net zero. For industrial decarbonization, replacement of fossil fuels, including natural gas, is an important aspect and ARYA is working with clients to enable this transition.”

ARYA is inspired from Aryabhatta, the Indian mathematician and astronomer, widely regarded as the inventor of Zero as well as the name of India’s first satellite. Therefore, combining the mission of Net Zero with modern technology.

GPS Arya will cater to the following types of projects

  • BioCNG / CBG (compressed biogas) projects based on feedstocks such as MSW (Municipal solid waste), paddy straw, press mud cake and bagasse (residues from sugarcane production).

  • 1G ethanol and biorefinery projects based on damaged grains (and other non-food competing feedstocks)

  • 2G ethanol projects based on Agro residues.

  • Industrial decarbonisation projects.

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