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New Holland Agriculture Receives 2 Awards at Farm Power Awards 2022

The award-winning New Holland 3037 TX 4WD is a powerful tractor that offers best-in-class features in 31-40 HP segment with unmatched combination of power, fuel efficiency, comfort and styling.

Shivam Dwivedi
New Holland Roll-Bar 125 Round Baler also won Best Launch of the Year
New Holland Roll-Bar 125 Round Baler also won Best Launch of the Year

At the fourth Farm Power Awards, New Holland Agriculture, a division of CNH Industrial, has been awarded with Best Tractor in the 31–40 HP category for its New Holland 3037 TX 4WD tractor. At the awards, the New Holland Roll-Bar 125 Round Baler also won Best Launch of the Year (Implement).

Organized annually, the Farm Power Awards honours the efforts of the OEMs and institutions that have led to significant contributions in the industry and have impacted the lives of farmers.

Honored by the recognition, Gagan Pal- Director of Agriculture Brand India, CNH Industrial, said “At New Holland Agriculture, we are committed to offering world-class quality products for the Indian farmers that are also technologically advanced. Beyond the existing products, the brand is also dedicated to investing resources to develop sustainable solutions for the industry. We are delighted to have received this award and are further invigorated to continue providing best-in-class machines and helping develop the sector in India.

An impressive tractor with best-in-class features in the 31–40 HP segment, the award-winning New Holland 3037 TX 4WD boasts an unrivalled blend of power, fuel efficiency, comfort, and styling.

The tractor performs varied applications and implements and comes along with paddy special features. Its advanced features and paddy specialty makes 3037 suitable to perform like a 50-55HP tractor.

The 4WD makes it suitable for puddling & heavy-duty applications. It features first-in-segment EPTRAA PTO that offers Economy and reverse PTO with an independent clutch lever that helps suitability with various implements and higher productivity.

The New Holland Roll-Bar 125 Round Baler is one of the latest offerings by the brand. The Baler is best in class in India and is highly durable with a special straw design as per Indian field conditions. It consists of a typically fixed chamber round baler used to bale hay/ crop residue, to make high-density round bales of 125 cm diameter and 120 cm width and around 250-350 kg weight.

The new design baler with huge improvements is highly effective in Paddy straw baling in North India. It can help reduce the impact of crop residue burning on the environment by conserving biomass for Power production, CBG production, Ethanol or solid pellets in power plants. New Holland Agriculture aims to support the farmers in their journey to a more productive, efficient, and effective way of farming with its products backed by superior technology and performance.

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