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‘Poona AgroCart’- An Agritech e-Commerce Startup launched in Pune

Poona AgroCart, an agricultural MSME founded by Maharashtra farmers, began operations on Sunday (November 13) from its Manjari office in the Pune district of Maharashtra. The company has onboarded over 1000 farmers from the Pune area and intends to source fresh produce from approximately 10,000 farmers over the next six months.

Shivam Dwivedi
Poona AgroCart specialises in farm fresh produce, primarily fresh fruits and vegetables
Poona AgroCart specialises in farm fresh produce, primarily fresh fruits and vegetables

Ashok Pawar, MLA (Shirur assembly constituency), inaugurated the Poona AgroCart office in the presence of Bapusaheb Pathare, former MLA, Krishnath Mahamulkar, SBU Head, Central and North India, Netafim India; Anil Mane, Deputy Director for Land and Records; Raju Patil, Chairman, Ziran India Ltd; and Surendra Pathare, General Secretary of BJYM. There were also Kiran Dond, Marketing Head, Mayur Jarkad, Sales Head, Kiran Jadhav, Finance Head, and Shahu Pawar, HR & Strategy Head.

Poona AgroCart is a Pune-based agritech e-commerce start-up that specialises in farm fresh produce, primarily fresh fruits and vegetables, and operates on APEDA-certified world-class infrastructure. The company has also created B2B, B2C, and farmer-level applications. The company has also launched a 'Shagun Basket' offer for Rs 499. The proceeds from selling these Shagun baskets will go to an orphanage that helps farmers' children.

"Our vision is to create a healthy ecosystem by ensuring access to safe and nutritious food for all; and we are working on a mission to deliver safe and nutritious food for all by transforming the agri-food system and increasing farmer wealth," said Lanka Sivakumar Reddy, CEO of Poona AgroCart.

“With our innovation, transparency, and quick delivery model, we hope to impact Indian agriculture, farmers' economies, and customer satisfaction. Through our export division, we hope to provide all agri-farm outputs to end consumers and feed the world.”

“We have 1000 farmers associated with us at the moment, and we plan to increase this number to 10,000 in the next six months," Kiran Dond said. “Farmers are responding positively, and we are also establishing collection points in various areas."

"I have always believed that farmers will benefit from innovative practises like those implemented by Poona AgroCart," said MLA Ashok Pawar. “I am pleased that Poona AgroCart has begun operations in our Manjari area. The company's 'seed to harvest' process and on-field guidance will help farmers improve their productivity and income levels. There are numerous hotels and residential townships in and around Manjari, and I am confident that Poona AgroCart will quickly capture the market. Customers will also benefit from the company's gradation, disinfection, and packaging processes."

Poona AgroCart has developed a dependable, cost-effective, fast food system and infrastructure to source fresh produce from farmers and deliver it to our customers. Through direct farm sourcing and distribution, the company provides a diverse range of safe, conventional, organic, and exotic fresh fruits and vegetables to consumers, retailers, wholesale buyers, restaurants, food processors, exporters, and canteens.

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