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Women - The Key Players Revolutionizing Agriculture in India

We all know the multidimensional role of women in the farm sector. Here is how a leading agriculture machinery company "STIHL" is empowering women in agriculture with a range of tools & Equipment.

Shivani Meena
Image For representation Purpose
Image For representation Purpose

Agriculture is a significant driver of Indian economic growth and poverty reduction. However, the sector is failing owing in part to restraints that limit the productivity of women, who play a multidimensional role at every stage in agriculture — from sowing to planting, drainage, irrigation, fertilizer, plant protection, harvesting, weeding, and storage. They are a critical resource in agriculture and the rural economy.

STIHL Equipment with ergonomic design
STIHL Equipment with ergonomic design

This Women’s Day we need to realize, the vision and goal for strengthening Indian Agriculture cannot be achieved without the empowerment of women associated with agriculture. Women contribute significantly to the agricultural and rural economies of all developing countries like India. They are responsible for about 60-80% of food and 90% of dairy production in the country.

Agriculture is more likely than other sectors to provide diverse opportunities for empowering women. however, a major challenge they face in agriculture is the usage of sophisticated and heavy agriculture equipment as compared to their male counterparts. Therefore, there is a need for innovation in Agriculture machinery, tools, and equipment; making them more convenient and easy to use for women farmers.

So, let’s celebrate this International day of women with the key focus to empower rural women for their contribution to the Agriculture sector.

How is STIHL Empowering Women Farmers?

Today, many companies are manufacturing farming tools and equipment and STIHL is one of them.  The farming equipment manufactured by STIHL are lightweight. They are easy to handle and operating them is convenient and simple which make user self-reliant.

Although these equipment weigh very little, they are strong and safe.  Therefore, these lightweight, easy to carry, easy to use as well as easy-to-operate equipment can be used conveniently by women farmers, getting rid of the constraints faced during sowing, harvesting, and managing crops. Usage of STIHL equipment comes in handy to their users whether in Farming (Crops, Fruits, Flowers), Gardening, and Landscaping.

STIHL Electric Blower
STIHL Electric Blower

STIHL places a premium on convenience and reliability. Each product is outfitted with materials and features that make it easier to use. For example, the compact cordless power feature available on the majority of products increases the mobility of the equipment.

It should be emphasized that STIHL aims to make farming more convenient for farmers all across India including Women Farmers, a critical Contributor. The company is making rapid progress in this direction, not only changing the lives of farmers but also propelling the agricultural economy of the country to new heights.

Ergonomic design consideration in farm equipment and tools provides more man-machine compatibility and better utilization of resources. In addition to that STIHL equipments utilize superior technology which provides high efficiency in agriculture practices ultimately leading to more productivity. Addressing labor shortage and giving emphasis on Farm mechanization, equipments of STIHL help in covering more farm area in lesser time investment.

STIHL's agricultural machines use German technology (one of the best in the world!) which makes them very reliable. Its machines such as brush cutter, earth auger, power tiller, power weeder, portable sprayer, and water pump are most famous among the farmers and are available in almost all the states of the country.

STIHL Chainsaw range
STIHL Chainsaw range

Therefore, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, if you also wish to take advantage of STIHL’s Agriculture equipment and make your life easier, log on to their official website. And for more information about these agricultural machines, the contact details are given below:

Official Mail ID- info@stihl.in

Contact No: 9028411222

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