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15 Lakh Flowers to be Planted in Asia’s Largest Tulip Garden in Kashmir

“This year, we hope to plant at least 15 lakh tulips, as well as Hyacinths, Muskaries, and Dahlias," says Commissioner Secretary Parks, Gardens, and Floriculture Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad

Binita Kumari
Tulip Garden, Kashmir
Tulip Garden, Kashmir

Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad, Commissioner Secretary Parks, Gardens, and Floriculture, stated on Sunday that more people are likely to visit Valley's famous Tulip Garden this year than last year. "This is Asia's number one tulip garden," Ahmad told Brighter Kashmir in an interview. Last year, 225,000 tourists visited the garden, the majority of whom came from other Indian states."  

"This year, we're aiming for a lot higher, if not greater, tourist inflow to the garden than previous year," he continued. "Last year, we planted over 15 lakh tulips and other flower kinds," Ahmad said of his department's future ambitions for the garden.  

“This year, we hope to plant at least 15 lakh tulips, as well as Hyacinths, Muskaries, and Dahlias." "We're making a separate Hyacinth Garden, and we expect the public to come see it and enjoy its beauty and aroma in the natural setting." 

When asked how the opening of the tulip garden will boost Kashmir's tourism sector, Commissioner Secretary (Parks Gardens and Floriculture) said, "The opening of the tourism sector in Kashmir is always pre-planned because of the Tulip Garden. It starts considerably sooner than expected. This year, we anticipate a boom in Kashmir's tourism industry." 

Ahmad also informed Brighter Kashmir that the Tulip Garden is currently scheduled to open to the public on or around March 20, while the concerned authorities are expected to make a decision on the exact date in the next day or two. 

"We had hoped to open the garden on March 20," he said, "but we believe it will take a few days longer to decide on the exact and final date to open it to the public." 

Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad chaired a meeting on Saturday with the Director of Floriculture, Farooq Ahmad Rather, and other staff to examine plans for the projected opening of the garden. 

Officers went to the park to inspect the preparations and determined that the garden's opening will be announced soon. They claimed that the tulips were not yet in bloom and that it would take some time for them to do so. 

They also stated that the reopening is subject on current weather conditions. 

Other activities, such as the Tulip Festival, will be planned after the reopening date is set, according to officials. 

"My message to travelers is please absolutely visit 'Kashmir's Gul-e-Lala," Ahmad remarked when asked what type of message he would like to give out to tourists. 

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